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    EU Player Looking for platoon

    Enlisted: 2013-03-04
    2016-06-17 11:30
    Hi guys, I am an active player and I am looking for a platoon to play with must be active. I am from the UK.
    HR Enlisted: 2014-05-31
    2016-06-17 12:03
    Yo mate ;)
    Check out BoB here: []
    It's free and it's loads of fun :D
    Hope to see you on TS :)
    NL Enlisted: 2013-05-19
    2016-06-17 12:11
    Why should you join team Semper Fi?

    1. 10 to 20 members active daily, always someone to play with!
    2. 6 servers with all member advantages for you to play on (Always populated due to our idling program)
    3. Clan events
    4. We will go to Battlefield 1 as well!
    5. Members will try to kiss you []
    Thread is locked.
    Thread is locked.