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{ATF} stands for Allied Task Force and we have been around for 12 years, since 2000. We still have many original
members that started with a group called {H911} and continue to add members from all over the world. Today one
of the remaining original Founders (IDS_Priest) still takes this community to heart.

His vision for an extremely fun Sniperworld server has led us to host one of the worlds premier server to come and learn how to snipe in Battlefield 2, we also run some of the worlds best Battlefield Bad Company 2 servers for PC. Our philosophy is to have fun, remember it's a game, and respect every one. With ethics like these we continue to set new standards as a PC gaming community. The teamwork of the Founders, the Administration, and all the great personalities who show up every day, that's what makes us who we are and we continue to look forward to growing and gaming.

This site is for games, powered by gamers. We are a collective group of gamers dedicated to bringing you the latest
news! We promote our members to get active, stay informed, and utilize their skills to benefit themselves in the

{ATF} AlliedTaskForce (Also known as Noobs Playground and Sniperworld) Guidelines.

1. Everyone will respect everyone else.

2. All members must be active on the forum or in game to be considered an active member.

3. Teamspeak 3, Xfire, or Steam are required to stay in contact.

4. The minimum age requirement is 18. However, we do accept very mature players 16 and above. We also allow
the sons/daughters of our members to join with parental concent.

5. Represent the {ATF} clan on all game servers, websites, and gaming tools with pride and dignity.

6. To make changes to rules, a members status, or other decisions that affect all community members, the issue
MUST be brought forth to the Founders. This includes, but not limited to, kicking members out, giving NON
members admin rights, and removing a members admin rights.

7. All new recruits will go through a 2-4 week trail period. After this 2-4 week trial period the community will vote
accepted or denied. Special situations are made for members who have been affiliated with {ATF} for many years.
These situations will be left up to Founders and Community Leaders

8. NO bitching, argueing or bad mouthing in the open in-game chat, teamspeak, or forums, anywhere, at any time.
All problems should be dealt with a classy and mature manner. Please remember to use the Members Section
or the Staff Section for private discussions.

9. NO member shall be permitted to hack/modify/cheat/run 3rd party programs, in any way shape or form, on any
game they play. They shall not hack/modify/cheat on any computers or servers. Any member caught violating
these terms, will be banned from all AlliedTaskForce services, and if appropriate, we will submit any viable
media to the proper authorities, including but not limited to their internet service provider. We do not endorse
downloading pirated games, sharing keys, sharing download links, or an other illegal activity that causes loss
or damages to the companies.

10. We do not tell other communities or players how to do their business so, please do not tell us how to do ours.
We will respect your opinions, but does not mean we have to run this community as you see fit.

11. All members are expected to contribute to the community. This includes donating monthly, idling in empty
servers, managing full servers, submitting content on the website, or any other form of a volunteer action
benefiting your community.



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