Flawless Victory
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Flawless Victory - Information - http://www.flawless-victory.net/forums/

Are you guys recruiting?

Yes. We are looking for more casual players (Both competitively and just players that wants to have fun) in Battlefield 3. All we ask is that you take it easy and remain relatively mature. We accept regular members according to if they get along with our current members, and people who seem responsible may very well get to bear administrative responsibilities. We usually assess a persons suitability by having him hang out with us on TeamSpeak.

TeamSpeak 3 info:

am1.leetts.com:9997 pass: fisting


If you're thinking of applying just add or message DerBerType, StorMaj or EchnAt0n to your friend list on Battlelog and he'll help you with the process.
Also check the applications forum ( www.flawless-victory.net ) for further information about applying.

Anyone who wants to play or chat with us may hop on TeamSpeak as long as they don't nuisances with noises and annoying conduct.

Who are we?

We are a fun-loving group of PC gamers focusing mostly on Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 (Don't worry we play other games). We started out as a bunch of friends finding that we totally love the Crysis 2 Demo and kick ass on it. We decided to establish a clan, and we did. We've been enjoying a rich and fulfilling gaming experience ever since.

What are our goals?

We strive to have as much fun as possible in the games we play. We also want to develop and expand as a community, while strengthening the gaming communities we involve ourselves in. (Crysis2 / Battlefield3 / CS:S)




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