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TOP - We have more fun than you!

A large active adult gaming community since 2005. Multi-national with half of our members in the Americas and half in Europe. Multi-gaming over many online PC games.

TOP is a collection of players that share a GAMING PHILOSOPHY. We focus on true communication and teamwork. We go deep into understanding and using available game mechanics. We share what we learn and openly criticize each other to improve. Complaining is shunned in voice and chat. Stats are never considered seriously. We don't compete with each other and instead work as a team when we play online.

The moniker "Tactics over Principles" reflects our feelings regarding the concept of "fair play" making the gaming experience in multiplayer fair to coddle the feelings of those who lone-wolf and refuse to work as a team to gain the advantages we garner in our efforts.

"We value the TACTICS of teamwork OVER the PRINCIPLES of "fair play"."

There is no hierarchy or central leadership. All full members have admin and mod status on all sites, servers, and voips at all times. This allows for true friendships and prohibits members judging each other. It also allows an inviting environment for those that can lead and organize or to create new communities from an established platform.

There is no seniority in TOP. Every member is an equal here. Once you become a member you are always a member as it never expires.

There exists no attendance requirements. You are not restricted to membership in TOP only. There are no dues.

There is no censorship in the community nor is there a moral code that you need to apply to aside from hacking online games.

We have lots of fun griefing and goofing off just like any other group but with an added game play mode called "Serious Play" that enables us to run tight squad and vehicle tactics when we want to play tight.

To join simply connect to the teamspeak server and meet the members. Once the members know you well enough someone can start a member vote for you to be a full member. If are not interested in joining but want to play with us you can do that as well.

********** Teamspeak info: ts.tacticsoverprinciples.com **********


...you want to make a lot of friends that love their games as much as you do.

...you want structured teamplay without bulky training rituals and dysfunctional "military realism" requirements.

...you are looking for more intense team play in pubs when you play every night.

...you hate complaining and drama.

...you want to be treated as an adult.

...you have a small group of close friends that you want to continue to play with yet meet new players without risk of getting split up by drama.

...your current platoon issues and enforces a flawed "code of conduct" that hangs over your head when you play and communicate.

...you hate being censored and monitored by "leadership" in your own forums.

...you have trouble finding true teamwork in a community without having to call some 15year old "sir" for three months.

...your platoon makes you take training sessions and tests yet lacks any kind of effective public gameplay experience to benefit.

...your community forces you to report in periodically, pay dues, kiss some admins ass, or doesn't let you join other groups to enjoy your game.

Gaming Philosophy: Game Theory, Dunning–Kruger effect, Force Multipliers, Asset Management, Smurf Herding, Cadances and Callsigns.

To the SMURFS: It is not our job to make you a better player. It is not our job to make your experience enjoyable. Your only purpose is to move little men around for us to shoot at.




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