Pro Sheep Intuition
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=[PSI]= : Pro Sheep Intuition

"You can run, but you can't hide."

--- French team ---

We are a mature multigaming clan that favours the Battlefield series. PSI a global community with most members in France and Europe.

We are looking for members who show a clear sense of teamwork and ambition to play this game in a comfortable and fun environment - free from bullying and haters.

- Basic Game Rules -

> We are a none hacking / cheating / glitching clan
> We do not manipulate the game to stat pad
> We play the objectives and to win the game
> We communicate with one another and squad up (generally with Skype or Mumble)

- Basic platoon/clan/VOIP rules -

> Our tag is "PSI" in upper case
> No bullying, racism or sexism unless exclusively private but especially...
> No two-faced behaviour, stirring members or trying to form rifts in the community !
> Respect other peoples views and beliefs and always try to work out your differences, we are all friends here
> Show restraint online to others for the platoon reputations sake
> No soundboards/effects/excessive music in VOIPs

- Contact -

> Feel free to apply for this platoon
> Feel free to visit our Youtube official channel :
> Facebook Page :

-- See you on the battlefield, soldier ! --


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