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Clan - LOLZ
Rank-Combat Game Colonels-BF3

LOLZ CLAN has been around for 1 year, and have many members in multiple games, especially for PS3 FPS. We are all about FUN & RESPECT.

Our Clan does not recruit based on SKILL, although we have many very skilled members. Instead we recruit based on CHARACTER. We believe that if we are going to spend our time playing in an online community, we would rather surround ourselves with positive attitudes and good friends.

We are a NON-TROLLING and NON-HACKING clan. We do not condone hacks of any kind and believe that everyone should be treated with respect and maturity. We have no interest in complainers, gloaters, and cruelty.

If this sounds like the right clan for you, please add me to your friends list and send me a message.