Resistance is Futile
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We are a clan that was formed in 2004....we have been in competitive ladders for the Call of Duty Series,
Battlefield 2 and Battlefield BC2....if you want to join us and have a great time,
visit the website and post your interest.


AjAx - Clan Leader


  • -RiF-JaX hat an die Pinnwand von Resistance is Futile geschrieben:
    Just in case you didn't know, I am a leader over at the clan [FPSG] Come play our servers anytime, Metro or our other server. Sad that -RIF- isn't alive anymore...especially since I helped create it all those years ago..but, at least there are a few of us still running around. I will vouch for any -RiF- member who wishes to join [FPSG]...jump over to our website or apply to join our Platoon on Battlelog. I hope to see you all soon...... Take care -RiF-ers :) Cheers
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    -RiF-JaX WOW indeed
    vor 7 Jahren
    HelIraiser Good stuff m8. Cheers
    vor 7 Jahren