Men in Control
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Men in Control clan is created by LikeABawzs (PitbullekeNL) and Qoinzs.

We are an international clan.
If you want to join, just add one of the clanleaders to your Com Center and/or XFire:
LikeABawzs: csspitbull
Qoinzs: qoinz

Visit our website for more info.
(Logo & Website Header created by PA7RYK, thank you!)

Teamspeak 3 Server:

Join our own 24/7 Metro clanserver!
(If the link doesn't work, find our server by searching on '[MIC]' and then PUT HIM IN YOUR FAVOURITES! :D)

Follow us on twitter with information about the server and other things!!/MenInControl

Like us on Facebook:

See us on Youtube:


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