Unleash the Carnivores
Tag: [MEAT] Fans: 2 Erstellt: 18.12.2011



Rising, from the depths of filth the worms will grub this fucking world

Scaveging for flesh

Filthy rotten

Creatures stalk consume the dead

Rabid beasts will tear the skin of all the scumbags that dwell among us

Spewing spit from savage jaws that tear the limbs from tortured bodies

Screaming masses destined to be strewn among splattered seas of entrails

Feasting are these ruthless beasts that crawled from the darkest pits of hell

The bodies pile in a filthy sea of blood

Disease and scum infect the half dead victims

Bleeding from their eyes, festering demise lifeless

Blistering and torn, such a vision of suffering hell, dead

Tearing through humanity

Fiercely devouring

Munching on shattered bones

Mutilating victims

Defecating human pieces

Scattering rotten

The putrid beast's hunger dies never

Commencing the slaughter, beasts hunting fodder, carried before being eaten alive

Dripping with sewage, covered in fluid, air becomes putrid, life has died

World population, due for termination, human liquidation, the carnivores thrive

A new world of chaos, a wasteland of ruin, iniquities ravaged, god has died

Corpses that fill the streets will nourish the carnivore's lust for meat

Whilst scavenging carrion endlessly and spew the death on humanity



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