Dinosaur mode
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Join if you want Dice to release "Tyrannosaurus Warfare Pack"

It would be a lot of fun to be able to kill dinosaurs with jets, helicopters, jeeps, tanks and many other weapons. I think Dice should definitly do this. It would bring gaming to a whole another level. I know that I would enjoy it and I think many others would too.

I mean i think it would be great having a dinosaur mode on BF3 because it would be BFs version of zombies, and BF really need a survival thing. I can just picture a squad in a jeep driving away from a T-rex and loads of Velociraptors. And then they get to a building where they can hide from the T-rex and the Velociraptors. Meanwhile they are hiding, they can hear the T-rex and the Velociraptors stomping around on the outside. But suddenly the T-rex smashes through the building and create a huge hole and loads of Velociraptors comes pouring in and eat the whole squad.