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I am Survivorman18 currently number 1 in the world with most IFV kills. I have over 25,000 IFV kills and kills at a rate over 2.5 KPM. I prefer the American LAV-25 over the Russian BMP. If you would like to be my gunner and repair man send me a friend request. This group is for experienced drivers, gunners, and engineers.
See you on the Battlefield!

FIRST VIDEO! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGkzLhj_77w&feature=plcp

Currently looking for all 2v2 IFV battles! message my Gt: Survivorman18 Accepting all match requests
2v2 Record (3-0-1)
Survivorman18(#1) vs IxLYNCHxI(#5) (2-0) win
Survivorman18(#1) vs Codex-SA(#6) (2-0) win
Survivorman18(#2) vs QwertyRob(#1) (2-0)win (unoffcial in game matches)
Survivorman18(#2) vs Havoc(#10) (1-1) tie

Driver and gunner stick together gunner within 20 meters of the IFV. Javs are allowed but gunner must be near the IFV. No c4 or at mines. no charging with repair tool its an IFV fight. Gunner can repair his own vehicle and driver can get out and shoot rockets/repair. when your teams IFV goes down you stop engaging and return to your spawn. You can cap any objectives when you are in the IFV not otherwise. no MBTs. When you blow up the other teams IFV try to let them live this is about destroying the other teams vehicle not kills. match is Tehran Highway and Grand bazaar normal tickets on core conquest. Teams will switch IFvs after the first match unless both teams agree on keeping their preferred IFV.