F.E.A.R Itself
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We're looking for new members to join the clan, were are going to take on other clans in a tournament for the best clan in the world. so get your friends to join because its going to be BIG. F.E.A.R Itself

Your clan tag MUST BE FEAR!

Keep us proud

Sebastian de Wet(dewetsebastian)

Contact us:

FEAR clan - fear.bf3@gmail.com

F.E.A.R Stands for ( First Elite Assault Recon )

Fly Maps

Teamspeak 3 website:http://www.teamspeak.com/
Join us at

Any Queries contact us on fear.bf3@gmail.com

No Donations Needed!

Our Do Gaming link for our clan is http://www.dogamingleague.co.za/clan/fearit

Ask a admin for the password.

Clan Rules:

1.Always wear your FEAR Clan tag

2.No Clan Hopping or Mutli Clanning,If we find out you will be kicked!

3.Always reply to messages.

4.No idiotic messages for example:NOOB!YOU NOOBS NEED TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY!!!

5.No Swearing or Hacking(On servers and on the platoon)

6.Respect Other Members.

7.Arrive on time for practise.

PS. TeamSpeak 3 is a MUST!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your stay
Warm Regards,F.E.A.R. admins


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