The Prototypes
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| The Prototypes |

Main Leader: iStormIt

Second Leader: Kiseem

Platoon Tag: PRTS


Commando for rage quit: "BAIL OUT OF SERVER" or "PROTOTYPES OUT".
Commando for enemy killed: "NEGER DOWN"
Commando for friendly down: "VIT MAN DOWN"

1. Be a good team player.
2. Like and Comment all the new videos uploaded on The Prototypes YouTube channel.
3. You must have more kills than deaths when you join the platoon. If you're K/D change after joining it won't matter.
(Some people may be invited or accepted because of specific reasons, and then their KD won't matter).

Repeatedly trolling other platoon members or being annoying on purpose will result in a kick from The Prototypes.

Official YouTube Channel: