EPIC FORCE community
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rules for applying to platoon/clan:
1. you must be colonel 1 or higher
2. you must know how to play the objective
3. your SPM must be 420 or higher
4. you must have a mic.
5. your K/D must be higher than 1.00
6. leaders must wear EF/EFe tag at all times

if you do not reach these standards then you are free to join the EF academy platoon till you've got the recuired stats
there is a chance that you will be accepted even without a mic. but you'll be chosen for a CW more often if you have a mic.
before we accept you you must have played a game with one of our leaders/founder so we can see your battle skills with our own eyes.
when in a clan war/ clan match with another clan you must wear the EF/EFe clan tag
we have people from a variety of different country's; (in no specific order)

- the netherlands
- the united kingdom
- saudi arabia
- norway
- finland
- france
- italy
- germany
EPIC FORCE ELITE: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655241516066107/
EPIC FORCE ACADEMY:http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391768502994/
EPIC FORCE POTATO POWER:http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655391963507531/
results CW's

total score : 8 - 3
-✔ EPIC FORCE V. BVSF = 6-0 (won)

-✔ EPIC FORCE V. HAWX = 1-0 ( won, (HAWX forfeited)

-✔ EPIC FORCE V. BOSS = 2-1 ( won , ( BOSS forfeited )

-✔ EPIC FORCE V. BVSF (rematch) = 3-0 (won)

-✔ EPIC FORCE V. HAWX = 4-0 (won)

-X EPIC FORCE V. ALB = 2-4 (loss)

-✔ EPIC FORCE V. EoE = 4-2 (win)

-✔ EPIC FORCE V. VV = 6-0 (win, VV forfeited)

-X EPIC FORCE V. DC = 0-6 (loss)

-X EPIC FORCE V. x4C = 0-3 (loss EF forfeited)