The Wolf Pack
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Welcome to Wolf Pack.

If you have been invited to this platoon it means we like you, and we probably just played a game or two.

The Wolf Pack Law

Brothers, sisters, wolfpack all
Gather now ye hear the call
Lend your voices, come, draw near
(Ye little ones prick up your ears
and whine ye not not stir a paw)
Our leader howls the wolfpack law.
So one and all, arise, give tongue
and let the sacred words be sung!

The first law that a wolf must heed
is not to slay except in need
And when the time has come to kill,
give honour to the blood you spill.
It is our lot to deal out death
-we draw from it our very breath-
but know within your hunters heart:
Forbearance is the greater art.

The next rule given unto ye
is to protect our secrecy.
Though hunters, we are hunted too
Remember this, in all you do.
The wolf who roams must have a care
-Beware the gun, beware the snare-
Be brave, and yet do not be bold
for one wolfs life is dearly sold.

Our power lies in unity
so guard your pack as it guards thee
And always keep this first in mind:
Your duty is to all wolfkind.
And this the third and highest law;
the Pack is more than tooth and claw.
No wolf can ever be alone
if each bears with him his true home.

Wolves of forest, plains and snow
Be thou stranger, be thou foe
I share with thee a stronger tie
for we are one Wolf, thou and I
This means, my brother, that thou art
bonded to me by thy heart
and I to thee, for ever more
whether near or far apart.

We the many, we the one
together we shall always run
beneath the moon, beneath the sun
we the many, we the one!
We the many, we the pack
The stars cast silver on our track
and Mother Moon glows at our back
We the many, one, the Pack!