Jordan Phillips
Tag: [aBmI] Fans: 12 Erstellt: 03.07.2012


This is the friendly anti IMBA battle platoon. (Except Karim) Everybody who is interested in joining the battle please feel free to apply. Anybody who has been kicked/left or just wants to destroy them come. The challenge has been made.

IMBALANCED never wanted to scrim against ~BALANCED~ we were always going to stomp them and troll at the same time.

IMBA has officially discontinued scrims due to having bad leaders and bad players.

As SFW has always stated, IMBA were always going to crumble and fail when the following players decided to leave IMBA, DRgreen79, Crazyiness, showURself-, SorryForWinning, Brickrolled, yogi-7976, xSpliit_SeCoNd_X, captainJCE and Mbillz09.



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