East Coast Elite
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True soldiers know that wars are not won by one man armies or lone gunslingers that fly their own path. To succeed the war machine & come out alive & victorious, one must rely on his greatest weapon...teamwork & communication. We strive to work as a well oiled machine that will roll over all & any competition that try to stand in our way. A squad is only as strong as it's weakest link so we stress team & squad play as a MUST. We work as a TEAM AT ALL TIMES. Victory comes from precise & intelligent teamwork & communication, not sheer strength or brawn. We will conquer our enemies at will because as a team we are stronger than any one man. We are the East Coast Elite. Prepare for war.

Remember...Battlefield was CREATED to be a TEAM ORIENTED GAME. Practice as a team, work as a team, play as a team. This is NOT Call of Duty or Modern Warfare. This is Battlefield. Let's go to war.

Requirements : Everyone's skill level in different areas of the game always vary, so the most important thing above ALL else is the ability to ALWAYS work as a team & listen to your fellow squad mates. We will not tolerate LONE WOLFS. We are a REAL team with real aspirations of becoming an elite Battlefield clan. Your skills can grow if you have the right attitude. So show us what you got...show us what kind of soldier you can really be. AND REMEMBER TO ALWAYS HAVE FUN! ( BEING STONED IS OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED )