1 MaN ArmY™
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no baserape,,and do not use abuse words,,,do not give irrespect to anyone,,no hacking or cheating is allowed,,,and do not write name of any other platoon in wall,,do not use heat seekers while dogfighting

1 Man Army U All Know Meaning Of This In This Platoon We All Leaders And The Founder Are Announcing A Battle Place Means U Can Do Battle With The Members In This Platoon On A NoN Ranked Server 1vs1 or 2vs2 And To Challende Someone Just Do Simple Step Write Challenge=Player Name And Then Write The Category U Want To Fight For Example Challenge=Boxtex,,Jet Dog Fighting If The Player U Challenge He Like To Play Battle He Just Write Challenge Accepted New Presentation And Links Added Later
_____________Platoon design_____________
_____________Need Help to Complete Assignments____________


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