Official Pickups ZA
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What Are pickups ?
Pick ups are a form of more organised pub game often tons more entertaining. Basically you all join a TS server school yard pick teams, and play on dedicated Unranked Servers.

Format: 8vs8
Maps: All DGL Maps

How do i join Pickups ?
Easy all you need to do is Join the TS server on the set pickups days.

Server IP:
Password: pickupza

When Are pickups ?
As it stands pickups are held on Wednesdays starting 7PM, Fridays 5PM Saturday 2PM and Sunday 2PM

What do i need to play pickups ?
1. Battlefield 3 with EndGame Exp
2. A Headset
3. A Mouse
4. A Keyboard
5. An Internet connection
6. A Voice

Why should i join Pickups ?
1. Its then better them 24/7 Metro
2. If you intend to better your game this is the place to be most seniors players will be there and are willing to help.
3. Its FUN