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This Platoon is for DcV competitive ONLY!

This code of conduct has been created to help DcVc maintain the best online competitive team available. DcVc is comprised of players from many nations, ethnicities, and players of all ranks; but we all have the same drive… to be #1. The DcVc Clan tag is a uniform that is worn at all times and when you are online it is visible to everyone. You will be held to the DcVc standard at all times, regardless of whether you are alone or with the team. We are striving to be the best of the best; we will no longer tolerate anything less.

The Code of Conduct is not all inclusive and your conduct will be judged by your Platoon, its Leadership, and your opponents.

• Chain of Command – You have signed up for a competitive clan that utilizes a military style Chain of Command. There are Platoon commanders, Squad leaders, and Squad members. Simply put, if you are instructed to do something by a Platoon Leader or Squad Leader, you are expected to follow without comment or hesitation. Without this type of organization in DcVc, we can not expect to win a military based game or maintain a solid infrastructure. If you have a problem or comment about your leaders, please bring the problem to your squad leader in private. In-game chat is not the place to have this discussion. If you are not willing to abide by this structure, there are many others waiting to join our clan and we wish you luck with your next clan.

• T&Cs - Players are expected to abide by the EA Online Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) as well as the FraggedNation Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) while playing on ranked Battlefield 3 servers. You agreed to the T&Cs when you established your EA Origin Account and your FraggedNation account.

• Honor – You are expected to play honorably in every game, alone or with DcVc members.
o No Jet Ramming
o No TKing
o No glitching or exploiting programming errors. Ex. Getting into walls, floating, infinate repairing.
o Spawn Camping /Base Raping – Utilize the golden rule here. If you don’t like it done to you, don’t do it. Obviously there is not much challenge in destroying empty vehicles or holding a team in their spawn. Since you are an elite player, consider letting the enemy take off in the vehicle or push out of the spawn. Then you can show them how the #1 team in the world plays. Simply put, play like you are better than everyone else and play with Honor and use your best judgement.

• Commitment – You are expected to commit to the team when it comes to practicing with your squad, being available for matches, and acting honorably if you are not chosen to play in a match. You are expected to commit to making DcVc the best it can be, and we can be #1. This will only happen if we work as a team and are constantly trying to improve our squads and DcVc as a whole.

• Respect – You are expected to show respect to your Platoon mates, public teammates, and your opponents. Remember that your actions while wearing the DcVc tags reflect on the entire team. This is true if you are alone, on a public map, or posting a message in Battlelog. We ask that you do not participate in rage mail (don’t send it, don’t reply to it), fighting VIA VOIP (don’t get into a verbal argument on chat), or posting derogatory messages on message boards. Examples of the Social media boards are; Battlelog, FraggedNation, Facebook, or other Social Media outlets. The use of derogatory terms toward anyone, friend or foe will not be tolerated. Disrespect to a Platoon member will not be tolerated, period. To sum this up, act like you are an Elite player because you are, or you wouldn’t be wearing the DcVc tag.

If you feel that a member of DcVc is in violation of this code of conduct, please notify a Squad leader or a Platoon leader. If any member of DcVc has a question regarding the Code of Conduct, please feel free to contact a Squad leader or one of your Platoon leaders. All infractions to the Code of Conduct will be discussed by the Platoons’ leadership and all disciplinary actions will be decided by Squad leader vote. All Squad leaders will vote and the votes are final. Disciplinary actions and decisions regarding Code of Conduct violations will NOT be appealed and all votes are final.

In order to be a part of DcVc, you will need to agree to follow this Code of Conduct. If you disagree with anything listed above maybe there is another clan for you. We will be an Elite TEAM, we WILL be ranked #1, and we will only accept the very BEST.

Come join us.