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If you are looking for a clan battle please watch the following for our answer:

Created by the founding group from The Reflex Network [TRxN] - We no longer wanted to play competitively finishing on a win/loss ratio of 34 - 2.

Want to give a rest to your back from all that team carrying? This is the place for you!
We mainly play rush and conquest infantry based maps, but we are capable of playing every map and mode type

Only requirements:
-Be a Beast (no insane stats needed, you just need to prove your skill)
-Don't play assault >> Don't apply
-Say 'please' and 'thank you' if you want to enter the res train

To get leader status complete all the following:
-Knife Knifer
-Get Jordy to play bf3 on ps3
-Defeat Amelius in a jet dogfight
-Steal a tank before Badman in a game
-Get MVP over Bus when he is try harding
-Get the master dog tag of Stinger and Igla
-EOD bot Trebus while he is piloting a chopper
-Get more kills than Proform in a game (he is a killwhore)
-Run over RawR with a MAV when he's in a RHIB boat without destroying the MAV in the process.
-Shoot an arrow into AJ's knee while he is bunny hopping
-TV-missile Shuji in the face (that means a headshot) then find his spawn bacon
-Kill sha-tingsammo with ump-45 in 3rd seat of a buggy before he gets run over
-L96 no scope Toxic while jumping from the very top of the caspian border tower
-Roadkill Brett with an air vehicle while he is parachuting from a flying kamikaze boat
-Play more squad rush than Chrispinosky and have a higher accuracy than him in a squad rush game
-Most importantly have fun

We will forever remember the past:

Side note:
-TRxN are the king of SOT
-Winner of Rush LLL invitational tournament

UK based

RAWRnWatNot -
"I miss you all very much, and the good time's we had together playing this game. I wish those years never had an ending. I hope your are all safe and well these days. If any of you would like to get back in contact, then drop a message on the platoon wall, I'll be checking :) "


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