Battlefield's Finest
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No Guts, No Glory, All Fun! Reg om te skop, skiet en knife...

We are not a clan but South Africa's Premier Community of Battlefield Players & love every moment of it! Some of us are not so good & some of us are very good & the rest of us are in between, it does not matter... we all have our specialties & play to enjoy.

We are building the biggest Premier Battelfield Player Community in South Africa across all platforms of Battlefield, so everybody has a place. If you belong to a clan, don't worry, we won't hold it against you! You can join too, in fact, we encourage clans to join the community.

We will be organising promo's & give-aways that should be interesting, but we'll see what transpires before we give a hooah! So feel free to join. What's that old saying again? Oh yes, thats right... "The More, The Merrier" HOOAH!



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