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Tag: [AWA] Fans: 35 Erstellt: 25.10.2011


This Platoon is now, DEAD until further notice. You can thank i.Rippey for issuing a 2 month ban. I will now reverse market AWA.

This is intolerable. I have been banned yet again, for no reason at all. I tried to log in today and was notified that I have been banned for 3 months. For what? Idk, I was not emailed, I was not warned, shoot I have been minding my manners and playing kid like they want, and yet again... Bahaha

This is great.

Mind your Ps and Qs or they will ban you also for no reason at all!

irippey has a God complex and a little staff...

Trying to make himself feel big and bad on the interwebz because he is such a suck in real life.