Battalion 141
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Welcome to my platoon!
About my emblem I tried to make the same knife just like in the game and I used the idea like patches for the background.

Clan tag is: 141

1.) be nice to each other
2.) work as a team
3.) have fun! :3

Tactics that I recommend:
1.) Stealth (Knife when your not spotted)


3.)Suppressing fire

4.)Switch your primary weapon to secondary weapon when your primary weapon is out of ammo


6.)Blow up walls to make another path (Engineer)

7.)Blow up buildings to destroy cover and enemies (Engineer)

8.) Don't rush make sure the area is clear before advancing

For the PC platoon (dont forget to copy and paste):

I also have deviant art feel free to look at my drawings.


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    Hello fans and members of Battalion 141. I know I'm not active playing battlefield 3 because I switch over to the pc. However, I'll be active when Battlefield 4 beta and the full game is out for the pc. If you want when BF4 comes out I'll can make the same platoon for you guys on the xbox 360. So we would be fighting on the PC and on the xbox 360.
    LonewolfSoldier We fight by console and by pc. Yes, I do use a xbox controller for the pc. its my preference.
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    LonewolfSoldier welcome to the battalion
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