8v8 Close Quarters
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Welcome to 8v8 Close Quarters Scrim Finder:

-----This platoon was created to serve all ps3 platoons in the battlelog community.-----

**Please only post here for 8v8 scrimmages and not for other types of matches**

-By joining this platoon you are able to get a full list of compiled teams interested in participating in 8v8 scrims.
-8v8's are a great way to start in the competitive gaming world because the use of only 2 squads makes communication and team play extremely tight and fine tuned. After enough 8v8's you can get a greater grasp of how to properly manage a platoon and eventually start participating in 12v12's. 8v8's are also good for smaller platoon's that cannot always manage to get 12 people online at the same time.

-In order to keep scrim finder as organized as possible we ask for only 2 representatives from each platoon to join.

-Once you have joined the platoon please post on the feed the name of your platoon, the two representatives, and the time zone so we can compile a roster of every platoon.

[ReV] ReVolt Gaming™ -OveRDozE- / SToneZ_420 or SkyScrim
[TLN]TalonStrikeForce - ALPHA CFD_26, TECH-SARGE
[sFk] Stoned Face Killers Timmyville / abusiveone
[hYk] Hide Yo Kids Dojasouljah/mob_ak47 EST
[tCo] tHe CraZy oNeS - oOCraZyOo_4LyF3 & FEARR_DEATH
[BOSS] Nation - atlshawty1 (EST)
timezone - EST
[SoD] mido05/sokna20/ GMT +3
[6FU] Six Feet Under - Contact xThundeboltz or xJakeSlayz (EST)
[SoA] Sons of Anarchy reps will be FUNEE420 and BLiNK_Lightning US EASTERN
[KLNU]Sour Coolaid :Two reps are aquaousg and Timbodeen: Time zones vary
[DFF] - Delta Force Friends... my psn: super_saiyan1983 euro
[DBD] Death Before Dishonor- jy6700
[BFB] Battlefield Brothers . Ronin90q20v/Wes1973
[FK] FULLTIME KILLERS - Sneintzville nokita66 - 6pm-9pm EST
[AST] Advanced Seal Team - superdedupe, WelshGamingFTW (World Wide Platoon)
[BIA] Brothers in arms-schrute_farms123,RRs_triplek
[T3XS]=Tactical-3liteXsoldiers_PSN:BLGT3XS_&_Texas-Made-_- (CDT)
[DuX] The Leaders XxToxic455xX & Swaz_Leeds (World Wide Platoon)
[VK] Violent Killers - Kennykiller1
[pp] Psn: xashecrimsonx and boyfromessen90.
[XL] Xtreme Legion - KingOfCali805 (PST)
[TXS] toxic soldiers - headshot74967 or bullfacemobjm115
[NMLB] No Man Left Behind : Mai-Coh (UTC)
[ySo] WhySoS3ri0uS? - Contact; ySo_InsanitY-
[OpS] OpS Gaming - CodeName_Deus or Z_RoW-xRiVALx- (EST)
[DoWG] Dogs of War Gaming , contacts are VOZ1 and DeniedXavier760
[FaZe] FaZe clan, matthias152 / FaZe_Legendary1
Hardcore Heroes PSN: kieranovks
[St0d] Storm Troopers of Death - karanianigupta, zawkao26 (World Wide Platoon)
[SINS] SINNERS & SAINTS - Leestone2222 or Kashed_Smoke.. (PST)
[ASH] AshestoAshes contact bowlernona for (12v12) dylanlehane for (4v4) (8v8) (EST)
Brothers in arms idydy and schrute-farms123 central tz
[eX] [eX]traordinary - oSiGHTo
[aTv] Activae eSports - Contact: aTv_Fefo90 or aTv_EnzoBigBoss (3.30pm EST)
[VaLR]. Representatives: Dark_Falcon or wolko99. Timezone: Worldwide platoon.
[AeX] Anonymous Exiles - Duggan22
[NvG] Night Vision Gaming - Huey_123 or PUNISHERTYME or PUERTEQUILA
[F3AR]F3AR TEAM6----RIOS-246(PS3) or Rios24(BTL)
[haSH] haSHshaShiN* - 2Hano (psn: Two_Hando)
[tyoC] take you out Clean - Nacho-Boogle & The_Chronic19 (Both same for PSN) UK & Malta: GMT & GMT+1
[LOLZ] alcatrax__2040,llllxxGOWxxllll
[HoT] HouSe oF ToRMeNT - BLaCKBeaRD_RaW, WiZArD_RaW
[dVb] IINoNameII , Bossehh
[xMFHx] -MuRd3Rz-_FoR_-H1R3- Contact xMFHxSoULReAvEr or xMFHxCeltics.
[AoB] ArMy-oF-BeAsTs - LennyRenny (PSN: theLenny-)
(Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8pm EST)
[8492] Task Force 8492nd - (PSN: Yotaak) (EST)
[XDE] eXtreme Dutch Elite - knox_the_ripper or OwnZoRR ( 20:00 till 23:00 GMT+2)
[HIVE] The HIVE-- Launchpad85 psn-(Blitz85) or whats_a_lumpkin (EST
[ASH] ASHES TO ASHES contact dylan lehane EST
[SOP] Sons of the Patriots- swampeye (EST)
[wAr] The wAr Empire - Contact DARTH_RAIDER26(8vs8/12vs12) takenitez(4vs4) (EST)
[xP] xPerienced - Contatc hybridsoldier or illusive-xX on psn.... mostly on after 7pm pst
[KILL] Killer competition - contact Chaoslover2230 EST
[UNA] United Nations Army - Cpt_Williarsk ( World Wide Platoon )
[TACP] Tactical Precision - D-MAN912 ( EST )
[DisM ]contact Oboe or levi_skardsen, element1013
[FiL] The First Filth. Filthy_Eagle or Daltron3000. Worldwide. EST best.
[ePro] iDentity Pro Gaming - Contact IJoOoI
[SRS]Swedish Ranger Squad / Molllee
[iHS] International Hit Squad -caini1-(GMT)
[DBD] Death Before Dishonor- jy6700
[dVb] IINoNameII , Bossehh
[KO] Knives Out - Contact LSUFan69 or RAIDER4LIFEwb (central time) mostly 5pm-9pm and 11pm-1:30am
[FSM] Free State Militia Biff_skyes - Play Wednesday through Saturday Evenings EST
[BH4D] BlackHawks 4th Division, laticsfan1985, deen247, GMT
[S8] Section 8 - Christer1987 & Kimnordahl, CEST
[FfC] Firefight Company - FfC-Th3_Butch3r, FfC-Southern20
[KR2T]Kudla Racing Team R2 -MarkusKM80
[DBD]Death Before Dishonor - jy6700, / insa_kill7890
[eFw] Elite Fewrepresentatives I_Warrior48_I and braylan2 (EST)
[APeX] APeX Predators contact: MakaveliTheDonn1 or x_STuPiFY_x
[oMKo] Menu Kingz ™ MikeLeighWaFc - TwinklE_ToeS_UK
[CyS] Call your Shot - CyS_Bowdish , TOPSHOTTA
[WEED] WEED CLAN - QuikSH0Tninja 
[ORCA] Original Causes - Additup and Craigtal1987
[SASS] South African Secret Service - Timezone GMT +2 contact person Mr-Beefy_PS
[WGSM] WARGASM™ fAtZ_Pr0duCt10nZ, camisdabomb PST &EST
[Ar51]Area 51 Freaks - z1hawk47
[eXe] Executors - Contact RataSataR / LaNTT1De
[KoD] King of Diamonds / xBlooD-TeezY01x
[ETF] Elite Tactical Force./SoulRipper0825 and MrDrake-
[TOW] titans of war. Leaders jazdabham, articreaper1, robertson 93. 9.00 pm sundays uk london.

If you are not currently in the roster pls message one of the leaders so we can update it


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