Endless DF Ladder
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Welcome to Endless 1v1 Jet DF Ladder!

►How the ladder works:
-You simply write in the platoon wall who you want to challenge, so for example "challenge Sm0kie420". If you want to accept it, just comment "accepted". (Up to the two guys who DF WHEN you want to have it.)

-The one that scores 5 points first wins. If one pilot crash the point awarded to the other pilot, if both crash restart. If a pilot disconnects for any reason during a match, one point awarded to the other pilot.

You must wait at least 24 hours before challenging the same opponent again after a finished match.
- Inactivity for 2 days will get you kicked, this is for preventing a full platoon with inactive players.

►The results
- When you are finished, the winner post the results on the platoon wall in a separate post to the challenge post, and the looser types "confirmed"

Primary match servers:

Password: nordf <- please don't share that wildly.

Teamspeak 3 server:
Password: f18only

Leaderboard Season 2, started 2013-04-13

Leaderboard Season 1 ended 2013-04-12 winner MUSTANG51M




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