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// This Platoon is for Fans and Friends!

// Das Platoon zum tHe miXed Server. Werde Mitglied dieses Platoon und du bekommst einen VIP Slot auf dem Server! Wenn du möchtest kannst du unser Platoon-Tag "[tHe]" vor deinem Nickname setzen!

// The Platoon of tHe miXed Server. Join this Platoon and you will get a VIP-Slot! If you want you can put our Platoon-Tag "[tHe]" on your Nickname!

// Timebased Maplists:
Monday - Friday:
06:00 - 00:00 CET - Mixed Mode (Premium Conquest & Rush Maps)
00:00 - 06:00 CET - Classic/Premium Night (Conquest & Rush Maps)

Saturday - Sunday:
00:00 - 23:59 CET - Mixed Mode (A lot of Maps & Modes)

Different Weapon Presets on Gun Master

// Events:
Classic Night starts between 0:00 - 6:00 CET on Thuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
Premium Night starts between 0:00 - 6:00 CET on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

On Saturday & Sunday the Server runs in Standard Mode (Mixed Mode (2)).

On Classic Night there are all Classic BF3 Maps in the Maplist, mixed in Conquest Large and Rush.
On Premium Night there are the most Premium Maps in the Maplist, mixed in Conquest Large and Rush.

// Serverrules:
Rule #1: Respect the Serverrules!
Rule #2: No SMAW/RPG on Infantry!
Rule #3: Go for the Objective!
Rule #4: Don't attack Enemy Base with Jet/Heli!
Rule #5: Repair or Revive your Teammate!
Rule #6: No Baserape!
Rule #7: No Spawnrape!
Rule #8: No Insulting or Racism!
Rule #9: No Vehicle stealing from Enemy base!
Rule #10: No C4 on Flags or against Infantry!
Rule #11: Don't spam with Grenades!
Rule #12: Play Fair, No Camping!
Rule #13: Watch your Language!
Rule #14: Play in Squads/Teams!
Rule #15: Don't use Jets to kill Infantry!
Rule #16: Special Rules on Infantry Maps!

// BF3 Server: | Mixed Mode | 48 Slots :

// TeamSpeak:

// Ingame Commands:
Useful Cmds: "Q / !rank / !rules / !admin / !calladmin <reason> / !votecamper"
Stats Cmds: "!top10 / !potd / !rank / !session / !dogtags / !wtop10"
VIP Cmds: "!lead / !killme / !switchme"
Sniper infos at "!snipers or !sniperx"
You can see all Command with "!help"

// Admins:



// Contact:
Web Stats Page :