3vs3 Jeep Cup
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Current State: May all teams find together until January 18th!
Game Procedure:
- Both Teams meet at their respectively designated points and wait in front of the "Stop" line
- After both Teams gave the ready & go signal (r, g; ready, go) they may start driving and eliminating the enemy.
- Once all three enemy players are eliminated you may return to the starting point and repeat the procedure.
- One match contains 10 rounds minimum. When draw occurs one additional round will be played.
- Teams are supposed to switch sides after 5 played rounds.

Interruption by Disconnect/Timeout/Crash:
- The round will NOT be cancelled in this case

Interruption by stranger:
- The round will be cancelled and restarts once the problem is fixed

Be sure to display the current score in chat each time a round ended

Game Area (Firestorm):
http://fs1.directupload.net/images/150101/9pbmdme3.png Green Point: Team US
Red Point: Team RU

- You mustn't leave the game area while in-game
- You mustn't exit the vehicle while in-game
- Third Player mustn't use any weapons except for MP412 & .44
- Third Player may repair the vehicle from the inside
- Third Player may throw grenades and use grenade perk
- You may switch seats once a player gets shot out
- You may destroy walls in the game area before the match
- You may drop medkits and/or ammo bags on the jeep
Violation of these rules will result in immediate loss of the round.

Jeep Details:
1 Tap on LMB = 2 Bullets
It is not possible to single-shot the mounted machine gun

Disable Threshold: 60%
Taps for Disable: 13
Taps for Destroy: 31
Infantry Damage per Tap (in < 15m): 25%
Time for Overheat: 5s
Overheat cooldown: 2s

Jeep Spawns:
US: Delta Flag
RU: Echo Flag

[-- Teams --]
1) Team "LaMbo" [Verrrx | Frozennn-HitS- | Bluup-Takis]
2) Team "GeT_PWnEd" [GeT_RiGhT_Marc | GeT_LeFt_Panda | GeT_Up_Apollo]
3) Team "Fiat" [NomNom_Bumble | InSAn3-Cock31- | TingelT4ngel_BoB]
4) Team "NoName" [aE-Project_de | Feldsau | Crossfire730]
5) Team "NilthyFiggers" [imYati | kicksoo | Flare_dE]
6) Team "Herbe" [Ekwah | IAkkuLadenI | EntriXx]
7) Team "venom_on_wheels" [spasserboy | FlaK96 | Hverdagsfisken]
8) Team "Reltih Floda" [CranKyoo | iRudnes | IIIMissMarpleIII]

To ensure safe and honest procedure either ask one of the following people to witness the match:
kicksoo, Flare_dE, Armor-Wake, ThatShirtWasCash aka. -sQ-CeL0xX-
or post the result in here and let one member of the enemy team confirm.
Remember to let somebody record the match in order to be able to proof possible rule violation

Following stairway boost is allowed:

Official Server (ask leader for pw & mapchange):


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