Lily of the Valley
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BF4クランLily of the ValleyはEAから発売されているBattlefield4で試合を行うことを目的としたクランです。


世界各地で試合が行われているElectronic Sports Leagueルールでの5対5の試合や日本で試合が行われているJCGの大会などに参加していく予定です。



Lily of the Valley is a Japan based Battlefield4 clan for PC gamers.

We are looking for clan match(scrim) against overseas clan.
To be specific, we want to make clan matches with North America, Oceania and Asia clan.

Please let us know if you are interested in about it.

You can send a message to us from BL chat or our web contact form.
We can talk about the details of the match, suggested server rules and choice of maps on TS3 or BL chat.

Thank you.