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Hi Friends,
welcome to our Platoon ;) Have although fun on our Server and please respect the rules. keep polite in the games, dont attack the enemy base ;) I hope for a nice time and few funny games

Oh and our Admins: InglBast, Th3-F1r3bl4de, Filice85


Battlelog: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/en/servers/show/pc/d7c812dc-4667-44d5-b160-93d802d19b5f/IF-Armored-Shield-Fast-Vehicle-1200-Tickets-Conquest-64/
G-portal: https://www.g-portal.com/serverbrowser#!/detail/93753

Server streams to GGC, ACI, PBBans, PBscreens.
You may appeal your ban by email: appeal.ifserver@gmail.com, also if you need a help or you want to provide any proofs of violations, please use the same email address. For a rest use the command “!report player_name reason”.
You can use the command “!rules” to see our rules on the servers.
Please stay polite and have fun.

***** If you want to donate:*****
1. Login at gportal with our created account (login and pw you can know at Filice)

2. Open this link:

3. Put your comment and amount and choose a way how you want to pay (credit card or paypal)

This way is going without any charges and you donate directly on server.

Thank u very much, we are happy about every support, comment and every euro =)

Thanks a lot for donation :)
- Unknown033
- tankcmder
- BossyHugo