Team Rain™ [BF3 Elite]
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*Presentation will still update*

The last players from Team Rain on Xbox 360 decided to unite untill the end of Battlefield 3!


(Active members on Battlefield 3)


- rN Ghost (BF3/WoT Xbox 360)

- rN IIColonelII (Retired BF3/WoT, coming back on Xbox One BF4)

- rN DynamicZ (BF3 PC, Team Rain)

- BRBjustDYING (BF3 Xbox 360/ BF4 Xbox One)

- rN Defiance (BF3 Xbox 360)

- LuGoMa n Miki (BF3 Xbox 360)

- rN ThieF (BF3 Xbox 360)

- oBFT (BF4 Xbox 360)

- MAXTHEMAN24 (BF4 Xbox One)

- im Chiino (BF4 Xbox One)

- rN WoIF (BF4 Xbox One)


rN WolF
rN ThieF
rN Ghost
rN Defiance

T5 Team:

rN Ghost
rN DynamicZ
rN Defiance
rN Thief
rN taKedown


rN llColonelII (Available), rN WolF

Attack Helicopter Pilots/Gunner:

LuGoMa n Miki

Jet Pilots:

im chiino
LuGoMa n Miki

No recent activity shown:
SweetPain2012, rN TyDingalo, oBFT,

CLOSED AT 1ST OF JUNE 2014. Some players still play PUC T5.