WOLF™ Squad
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WOLF 2015 Battlelog
Founder: Daustro
Leaders: AriszIrfan aka IrfanBroski and Baratha Shanker

Group of buddies just having fun and working together towards creating a successful Youtube channel, WOLF Squad. We aim at having fun no matter what and producing high quality content for our Youtube channel.

Membership for now is limited because we focus on quality more than quantity. Daustro, aka RazorShaft is one of the known ex-founders of a successful clan, RED. His passion for film-making and fun exceeds his dreams for competitive play due to years of experience in gaming. This is not a competitive platoon, this one which focuses on enjoying the fun and 'epicness' of the game itself.
We do not accept any scrim request, games played are totally random.

WOLF Youtube

WOLF Hardline
(coming soon)

WOLF Teamspeak

WOLF Steam

WOLF Facebook


Answer the questions asked honestly, suspicious applications will be denied indefinitely.
WOLF Application Form, thanks for reading :D

Having a TEAMSPEAK is a must for interview

New applicants will be interviewed personally in the clan's Teamspeak, so sell yourself


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