World Tournament 2015
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Welcome to the real World Tournament !

Down below you will see platoons from different countries looking to start a global tournament. If you are interested, feel free to apply to any of the platoons representing your country or country close to you. Spread the word!! The more people..the better this can be.

Counter is a fag ( This guy dodges cw and plays only against low team) so that's why we have created this platoon ( We have created the rules of his tournament so counter don't owned nothing).
I think you will understand the fact that a tournament can't be lead by this guy.
Ask to a leader for informations

Teams List :

Team 1 : Germany
Team 2 : Poland
Team 3 : Spain + Italy
Team 4 : Brazil
Team 5 : Swe/Den/Norway
Team 6 : France
Team 7 : Russia/Japan/Albania/Turkey
Team 8 : KSA
Team 9 : USA + Canada
Team 10 : Belgium/Netherland

Nations links :

1-Germany :

2-Poland :

3- Spain+Italy :

4-Brazil :

5- Swe/Den/Norway :

6-France :

7-Russia/Japan/Albania/Turkey :

8-KSA :

9-USA :

10-Belgium/Netherland :


Rules :

1-All team need a squad of air, squad of armor and infantries.
2-The players need to be from the countrie which they play for.
3-We decide to associate countries because some countries do not have enough players.
4-In cw: NO glitch, NO shotguns, NO c4 in metro and NO Pick-up ( players from an other countries). If you broken one of this rules, you loose the side and if you break all side you loose the cw.
5-The win is by tickets.
6-The 2 teams need to be agree on the maps and the time and read it in the platoon, the other leader needs to like the comment to show that is agree. If not the other countries will choose for us !

1° Map : Caspian Border, Kharg Island, Firestorm

2° Map : Teheran Highway, Damavand Pic, Noshahr Canals

3° Map : Operation Metro, Bazaar, Seine Crossing

If you have suggestions, you are welcome !


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