Hunter & Survival Team
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This platoon is dedicated to those players who enjoy the SQDM (Squad Deathmatch) sniping rounds, but most importantly to our unique Hunter & Survival Games.

These games are not for the faint hearted. These games are highly competitive, nerve wracking and exceedingly dangerous.

Hunter & Survival mode is typically done on SQDM, TDM (Team Deathmatch) or GM (Gun Master) on a small map such as the Close Quarters maps or even Noshahr Canals, and it's played like this:

1 Person is on a team, alone. While the other team has up to 20 players. Effectively 20 vs 1. But their are rules. Depending on whether it's TDM, SQDM or GM.

For TDM or SQDM, the rules are typically like this. The one person that's alone on the other team, is only allowed to use a knife to kill people, and sometimes M320 smoke not to kill, but to distract, confuse, blind or scare the enemies. The other team is only allowed to use pistols, knives and grenades (no M320 LVG or GP-30). Usually the knifer or other team has to get to an X amount of kills to win.

For GM, we often switch it up. Sometimes the one person by himself is either going knife only, while the other team can use any weapon they want in GM and all they have to do is get up to a certain weapon to win before the knifer gets up to X amount of kills.

Oh and it's not just those rules. Usually, the minimap is off. Spotting is disabled. Your player health can be lower. Team killing is sometimes enabled. And the Kill-cam is removed.