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Knife technique and usage

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2012-02-20 16:02
I'm looking for some thoughts and greater insight about knife kills. Whenever I'm playing a TDM server I'm always looking for an opportunity to do a knife takedown, but there's been many instances where what seemed like a sure thing turned into ridiculous pirouette spinning pratfall. Scene: I'm running around the crates in Kharg and spy a fellow running with his back to me so I give chase. I've always got the "sprint" option enabled so I can usually catch up or at least keep pace until he stops to take aim, but when I get up to the right point I'll quickly hit the knife key, swing, and MISS, and suddenly I'm a running doof with a knife at a gun fight.

Now I'll be the first to admit if I screw up and knife too quickly out of range (and I'm usually eating lead by that point), but what bothers me about this situation is the only time I can successfully execute a takedown is when I'm holding my gun and THEN hit the knife key. If I'm already holding the knife (say in this case the first miss didn't alert the guy with his back to me) then I just cannot do the takedown; -instead I'll be slicing away like a veg-o-matic. When this happens the only thing I can do is switch to guns and then try doing the stealth knife kill once again. Am I doing this wrong? I've done enough knife kills that I'm pretty comfortable about what the range and situation should be, so why can't I do this with the knife already out?

I appreciate all useful advice, thanks.
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2012-02-20 16:06
You really got ur sprint always enabled?? How this even works. It means you have to stand still while fire all the time? Also aproaching a corner where you noticed an enemy is imposible with your weapon drawn??

on topic. Yes I noticed to knifing is actually harder with knife out. I also noticed the ocasional bug where the knife animation simply does not kick in when it should.
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2012-02-20 16:08
Knife is terrible in this game, only works 2 / 10 times

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2012-02-20 16:10
when youve got the knife out you need to wait for the knife to raise before clickin.
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2012-02-20 16:11
Whoopdidude said:
You really got ur sprint always enabled??

I'm referring to the "Sprint" squad perk which lets you run faster than normal. On TDM servers this is my current favorite so I can catch up to people running away from me.
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2012-02-20 19:15
I always equip the knife so it is held out rather than the quick slash .

Approach anywhere from the oppenents 10 oclock to 2 oclock and tap the fire button. The knife will actually rise or twitch slightly when the knife takedown attack will work or is in range that is the best time to get the highest success rate.

If this doesn't work and you are spotted just do what I do cuss and try to get your handgun out. If your victim still has not spotted you hack a couple of times and you'll get a kill.

Headshot will kill in one slash with knife.
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2012-02-20 19:16
every time you knife kill someone that same guy just killed ur team mate 2 seconds ago, so just fucking shoot them instead. if i see another guy getting knifed on my kill cam im going to jump off a potato.
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2012-02-21 00:50
CoconutBlitz said:
I always equip the knife so it is held out rather than the quick slash. The knife will actually rise or twitch slightly when the knife takedown attack will work or is in range that is the best time to get the highest success rate.

That's good to hear although I've never noticed the nuances about the knife appearance before, usually because I'm cursing as well that my ninja-fu blew up in my face. I'll keep a closer eye out in the future. I personally don't like having the knife drawn in advance because I can instantly make the knife attack while holding my gun, but there's a pause before I can draw my gun while holding the knife. It's much more likely that I'll need to quick fire the gun while stalking a knife victim and in situations like that having the knife in advance is inviting someone to take their time shooting me in the face.

Regards to the previous comment though, TDM matches are the best avenues for knife kills. Rage if you want, but I'm having fun my way.
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