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looking for platoon

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2012-05-26 16:26
as above looking to get into playing with a full squad instead of just one of my buds, the two of us would be up for joining aswell

we both have mics and are good team players we are about winning the game rather than looking at our kd we know how to play

only want to be part of a hardcore game type squad aswell dont play normal modes

we are very chilled out always have a serious laugh everytime we play a game thats why i like bf3 so much haha

anyway sure if there anything going let me know cheers
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2012-05-26 16:32
come join REVELATION-7!! we are laid back and active but not dedicating our lives to it.
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2012-05-26 17:46 []

...........................welome soldier..........................
..................TO THE HOGS OF WAR...................
We are a new platoon set up with one goal in mind to enhance the bf3 experience for all our members .
This is not a platoon for the lone wolf when and where ever the battle we take to the battlefield as a family and
have the backs of our comrades.

The hogs of war will be taking part in battles and scrimms with other platoons out there as well as kicking it in general pub games . So when the shout goes out from our fellow hogs i expect people to answer the call and get involved.

As the hogs are evolving we need to have some guide lines in place with which i expect all hogs to follow
and they are as follows

1... Respect if any hogs have any issues be it with fellow team mates or the hogs as a whole you should message either myself or fellow leaders the platoon wall is not the place for this! we handle our shit in house

2...Be active when on use every chance to squad up if you are not into competitive gaming then get involved in normal battles when fellow hogs are on give shout outs on the platoon wall if u want to squad up . check the platoon presentation and be sure to add all members to your psn if u have not done so already and your battlelog accounts. Bump the recruitment threads when you see them . If you are going to be away for a long time let us know as if you are seen to be inactive for too long you will be kicked!!.ALSO TEAM KILLING ONLY HAPPENS ONCE NEXT TIME YOUR OUT!!

3...Support our allies they are there to back us up when needed so i expect every member of the hogs to do the same so bump their threads and if they give a shout out answer that call people.
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2012-05-26 18:49 []
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2012-05-26 18:50

To apply add our founder or a recruiter listed in the presentation and let them know your interested.

This is the competitive team for the clan Contract Killers. We are looking for recruits who want a competitive experience within this game, and who would want to compete in scrimmages on a regular basis. We take this seriously, if you DO NOT work well in a team or refuse to help your fellow squad, then apply for our casual clan. (No Lone Wolves on the Competitive Team) We have a few requirements, nothing out of the ordinary.

-MUST BE AT LEAST RANK 40+ (We need to know you can hold your own, if need be, and actually compete.)
-Must be 18
-Must have Mic
-Squad leaders will be giving commands during the scrimmages.
-ABSOLUTELY MUST listen to your squad leaders
-Must be familiar and comfortable with ALL kits, but also must know and play your role!! (healing, reviving, surveillance, suppression, etc.)
-Must wear clan tag DURING battle. Otherwise, none of us care.
-Must have competitive mind set

This does NOT have to be your only platoon. We are all active players and online most of the time. We ask that you be respectful and mature. If you are having a bad round or crappy day, and are fond of a "rage quit" then keep moving. Level headed and calm minded soldiers only.
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2012-05-26 19:19
Check us out. []
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2012-05-26 20:43
Join us dude! our website is [] we are laid back gamers
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2012-05-26 20:57
Based on an existing Special Operations Task Group, we are a group of casual gamers from all over the world. We believe that our skilled players individually will achieve success through teamwork.
Our goal is to become a clan consisting out of a (few) dozen players that know each other well enough to be able to rely on each other. We also would like to get one squad into competitive gaming, but as of right now we don't. Winning is important, having fun is key!

Requirements to join:
1. Have a mic and use it
2. Be a team player
3. Be active on Battlelog and our website
4. Able to speak English
5. EU-region preferred

If you don't meet all the requirements, but you still feel you have something to add to our clan, please don't hesitate and send a message to a (N)CO.

How to apply:
Click "Apply to Join"
After a CO gave you permission to join, you'll be placed in a squad. You'll stay here for a certain time to see if you like it or not. If we like you and you like us, you'll be placed in your permanent squad. Check the boards to see which squad you've been placed in. Don't forget to add your teammates as friends on PSN. If you're able to impress the (N)COs, you'll be promoted to a higher rank.

If you are a Recruit, your NCO will promote you to Operator 2nd Class after graduating training squad. If you impress your NCO, you'll advance through the ranks.

It's no problem to be part of another clan, but please make sure that when you join the clan, you wear the clan tag with pride! Also, don't forget to become a fan of our clan. []
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2012-05-27 04:42
Hello and thank you for checking out this thread.

Are you a casual gamer who enjoys great teamwork?

Do you desire fun gameplay with great community members?

How about the ability to play maps while communicating on the battlefield?

Then check out [] Join up! The application process is easy.

There are huge benifits to joining this community!

Check out our gameserver here:!/bf3/servers/show/dd0b5089-db01-40bf-998d-85e6c0e7ad02/FC-24-7-Canals-TDM-High-Respawn-FEVERCLAN-COM/ []

Fever is an incredibly active, international multi-gaming clan dedicated to providing members with a safe, stable, and mature environment for gamers of all skill levels. We support a large variety of games; some of our largest sections at the moment are League of Legends, Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, StarCraft 2, DOTA 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and many more; chances are if it exists someone else in the clan is interested in it.

We offer a wide range of services including (obviously) our forums, teamspeak server, game servers, a streaming radio, an excellent tech support section, facebook, youtube, and twitter pages; competitive squads, in-house tournaments, daily game nights, and a wide range of other clan activities. Our large Officer staff helps to maintain our community (of which we have very high expectations - think of it like the Disney Land of gaming) and take care of day-to-day tasks.

Bottom-line: Fever is more than just a community, we're a family; and we've created an atmosphere where anyone can have fun. Our members wear the |Fever| tags with pride, and we hope you will too.

Our ts3 is:
<a href=""><img src="" alt="BF3 Stats" /></a>
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2012-05-27 05:51 [] Check us out dude. Read the post and see if you like what we offer. We're trying to rebuild and we'd love to have you guys.
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2012-05-27 06:41
come check MED out here ------> [] itd be an honour to have you soldier
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2012-05-27 08:04
Team MRG ( ) just opened up Charlie Squad and we need some strategic active and good players.

Mic Required
18+ Required
Competitive Player Required

Check the website for details. KD doesn't matter, SPM doesn't matter because if you're playing good matches then they will appear low anyway. Anyone could get 500+ SPM and 7.0 KD playing noobs on Conquest. We are looking for people who embrace competition, tactics, and team work..
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2012-05-27 08:44
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2012-05-27 08:44 []

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