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Why can't I post in the EA BF3 forums any more?

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2012-06-14 22:01
What happened.
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Old, slow and disoriented
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I'm locking and stickying this thread as a form of "FAQ or Q/A" type post. This is pretty relevant due to recent changeup's at EA, so this question may be asked or sought quite a lot. This will last for a month or so then become unstickied.

EA US boards have taken the decision to clean-up the forums by closing down several sections of the boards, this - unfortunately meant that Battlefield's section was also closed down. You can read more about this here: [] (thanks old_verner)

The EA UK boards have close down in its entirety. This is expressed by a notice provided on the EAUK site:
From June 1st we will no longer be supporting active discussion on these forums. We invite you to join the conversation on Facebook [] & follow us on Twitter @electronicarts where we will have all the latest EA news & competitions. We always value your participation and constructive contributions to the community. We look forward to seeing you there!

Sorry for the inconvenience caused regarding this, however we do hope you find a new home - here at Battlelog!

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Thread is locked.
Thread is locked.