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More free server banners!!

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2014-05-03 06:37 , edited 2014-05-03 06:49 by Sir_Didymus11
I don't think any of these banners will work as they are 512px x 128px. The dimensions have to be 510px x 126px don't they? Or is it different for PS4?
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2014-05-03 22:55
Yea I cant seem to use these either. Too bad too because they are nice banners
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2014-05-04 22:41
What up guy? I would love to have a banner for battlefield 4. it needs to be 510 X 126px. would like for it to have a little of everything in the game. or more on the line of a the name of my squad is
Drifter squad. am always looking for new members. just got my server and would like to get some members to join in. will keep an eye out for it. will add your page to my favs. if you need to get up with me. you can get hold of me on facebook. marsman822 Or marty Sinkhorn. thanks bud ahead of time.
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2014-05-18 12:38 , edited 2014-05-18 12:48 by Gunny338
some awesome banners you have.

our new bf4 server is missing a banner. i have looked for a way to create, or have someone created without luck.
so glad i stumbled on your post. lololol

our clan been in existence for 4 1/2 years. we started in bf3, and continue on to bf4/ps3. we re a hard hitting clan, charging our opponents
wherever they may be.


what i like to have in banner is a Abram tank with troops in attack mode if possible with our clan emblem on banner.

if not possible to fit it all in ill leave it up to you..
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2014-05-30 23:26
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2014-06-30 23:49
Can you make one that has something to do with 'misfit' . witha pretty girl on it please
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2014-08-10 09:39
could u lz do me 1 with battlefied girl in middle then soldiers either side of her many thxs
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i need a banner for a friend can it please say fearls server and have some epic stuff in the background i would appreciate the effort
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Thanks for your work dude! I just rented a server for 3 months at least and I`m going to place the Troll Graveyard banner on it.
Anyway I would like to see more heli / jet banners! Could you make one with a chopper shootin down a jet and a hot bitch laughin and pointing at the jet?? hahahaha anything with air vehicles will be fine thanks again!

Edit from here: Unfortunately the banner is constantly dissapearing... Anyone can help with this ?
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2014-09-03 01:34
Just joined the ps3 family a few months ago and bought a thirty day server for my battlefield 4 game, My buddy and I made a platoon up called the Free American Army or the (FAA) I would like to have a banner made up for the platoon and would like to have like a patriotic theme but with squad member I have heard a lot about you and your work and I would like to see what it could look like you would be doing me a huge favor for my platoon to be one of the great ones.
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2014-10-09 14:34
Great Job!
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2014-12-24 04:19
can I use one please.
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2015-02-15 05:23
Hello wanted to ask if someone could spend the premium for battlefield 3 my id is larry_alejndro so without a, this is s
please say
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2015-05-23 23:44
If you could make one that has a player with the phantom bow and another with a pistol aiming at each other that would be awesome.
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2015-05-30 22:40
Hmm if you're still doing banners I could use one.
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i would very much like you to make me one good sir, i have some images already if thats ok Server is called Donetsk Peoples Republic, Platoon is called NAF
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2015-06-18 15:19
Guys i got a prolem i was playing bf3 normaly during a week then i found that my ps3 was lagging so i restored it now that the restore is done i went to play bf3 and when i ever i try to click on multiplayer it says" online pass check failed,please try again later"
Help me please !
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2015-08-31 05:20
Can u do a navy seal BFS battlefield soldiers one
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2015-09-17 16:50
hi there I'm just wondering if you could make me a banner for my clan server ? clan is called - Monkeys with machine guns so anything that relates to this would be great.
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2016-05-01 03:44
need a banner for a new server. looking for dark horse marines banner. thanks slave4lyf
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