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[How to] Identify and Report cheaters

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2013-08-17 01:19
Zaizz78 said:
Just face it! DICE gave up to the hackers. BF3 ain´t even playable today because of all the hackers!

You are absolute right. This is why I will never ever buy a game from DICE anymore, and I encourage all to do the same. If creators dont care.... whya would you buy a fraudulent product.
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2013-08-17 13:52
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2013-08-19 23:57
we shall see
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2013-08-20 19:47
Lol cry baby thread.....
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2013-08-20 19:50
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When I come up behind a guy and unload a complete magazine into him at point blank range and I see most of the bullets counting as hits and then he shoots me with his ass and has 100% HP, is he cheating or is it just really bad lag/hitreg? This has happened a handful of times to me. I don't know if it's just the game, or if the guys this happens on are not legit.
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2013-08-22 06:54
I just joined BF3 and this guide is so helpful. Thanks.
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2013-08-22 17:11
Thank you so much for the Guide ,
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2013-08-22 21:27
i even doesnt know how to hack. and i am dying as a fly on the servers trying to make the game fair.. but always will be hacks.. there is no perfect human gamer. so dice forget about it.. you just will lose players.. banning no hackers.. confusing they as a hacker..
[img][/img] just begginin so i am a noob tryng to be a pro!
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2013-08-23 03:23
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2013-08-23 09:23
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First off I have locked the thread due to repeated naming and shaming violations occurring here. I also wanted to address a couple of the posts I saw and will do so below:
Jokerdaf said:
I believe that we have some big problems.
1) we can not easily prove the cheat: it is not possible to record t every game, because the game does not implement the feature, and because external programs consume resources and space on the hard drive,. In addition, not all of us want to spend time to select many hours of recorded game.
2) we can not speak freely of cheater! on the forum, as soon as someone mentions a cheater, he is attacked by a bunch of users who insult him. probably it is the technique that the cheaters use to attack those who speak about the problem, and to deny anything.
3) It is not possible, for ethical reasons, keep a list of suspects. In the age in which we are spied even if in the bathroom and anyone can insult someone else,without punish, someone feel the need to not offend someone, putting him in a list that has no consequences for him.
4) Even if you have the belief that you have found a cheater, in his evidence, you can only report it. and nothing happens! Most cheaters continue to play unpunished, in the worst case, after buying a new serial for little money.

Most of us did not want to be a policeman and investigate for each suspect, with movies and search anticheat. if i had only 10 suspected i would lwaste more time to investigate which to play. EA / DICE, should do this, but they have no convenience in it.
Finally, I believe that the 4 points, not a case.
To answer points 1 and 4, we (EA) are not expecting you to gather the evidence or perform investigations in to whether someone is or is not cheating. All we ask is that should you suspect an individual, use the report feature available on their profile or a Battle Report but please do outline why you believe they are cheating. We do have an anti-cheat team which reviews each of the reports that are made and takes action as appropriate based upon their findings from an investigation into the matter.

Regarding your second point, the Rules of these boards clearly prohibit any form of naming and shaming, this is for a variety of reasons including the prevention of false accusations and where such can lead.
F1amingDeath said:
Somehow it is my responsibility to identify cheaters?
Surely that would be the people who manufactured this game?
Step up to the plate EA?
To borrow the analogy from Jokerdaf somewhat, it is not your responsibility to identify cheaters, however in the same manner that an honest citizen would report a crime to the Police we do request that reports are made when you suspect someone of cheating.
Tara_Newhole said:
Why is naming and shaming allowed on this thread? Reported multiple people on here for it.
It's not, which is why the thread has now been locked and those that did name and shame have been put on time outs per the policy for such violations.
TehRadfahrer said:
Nice work, Doc but effing arduous.
Why didnt EA make the game a bit more secure in the first place :(
john-molotov said:
if you need all these things to make the game honest its not very well developed....whats the use of punkbuster if they can`t recognize a cheater....The game has become more and more cheat able since i`ve been playing it , at the moment there is always someone cheating in every server i choose ,so the bottom line is ,DON'T BUY BF 4...since the same shitty developers made the same mistakes as this to expensive shit-game !
Unfortunately it's not such a simple matter of the game itself not being secure. Most "hacks" are not interacting directly with the game itself and therein lies one of the major problems with preventing them. Sadly I can't go in to too much detail here, I could probably type for an entire day without adequately explaining how a variety of the "hacks" do function and the inherent flaws in the PC platform which lead to their existence, but I simply do not have the time to do such and I'm sure the information is readily available somewhere on the internet. For those who do doubt our efforts to curb such behaviour, I would recommend reading up on it to fully understand the subject, although doing such would still not make it clear to you the effort we do spend in trying to stop cheating, you would better understand exactly how challenging such a task is.

Thanks again to theDokt0r for the very good, and detailed, guide made here. As a reminder to those who have named and shamed, or even been tempted to, please do refrain from doing so on any part of the board in the future as it is a violation of the Forum Rules.
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