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2012-06-05 17:16 , edited 2012-06-05 17:52 by IXxTroublexXI
Hey my game keeps having crashes that are similar to many other peoples in other threads. Game freeze and crashes to desktop with "BF3 has stopped working". This is during playing, i can still join and play for short lengths of time

Ive had problems with a black rendering landscape in my game and recently updated my graphics card (HD 5700 series), after having a series of problems doing so. However when i was playing with the updated card 1 day before the update (JUNE 4th), the game was crystal.

Im using win7 64bit. Quad core AMD 925 2.9ghz (or something along those lines).

Has anyone else experienced the crash post june 4th?

And does anyone have a solution?
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2012-06-05 17:27
After update game don't launch.
Sometime it does, but then he hangs on "joining soldier"and never starts the game.

No solution for you.
I hope there will be a solution!

Do you have re-install the game allready?

I'm using Win7 32bit 4,00 GB Intel Core 2 Duo 3.00 Ghz.
Nvidea video card.

Before this update it runs perfectly.

Anybody help?
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2012-06-05 17:28
I got the same trouble since I bought the premium package and downloaded the Close Quarters DLC.
I uninstalled the game and deleted all files from Battlefield, Origin and BattleLog Web Plug-Ins. Then restarted the computer and downloaded the 16,2GB full game. Still not working. Same error: " "BF3 has stopped working".

DirectX is up-to-date. GPU up-to-date.

Windows 7 64bits home premium. Core I5 Sandy.
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2012-06-05 17:32
I see you're in a game. What did you do to fix it?
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2012-06-05 17:34
Same problem. I downloaded the patch. Russian version so changed relevant files. All was ok until this morning.
Game imitializes and then it loads to a screen but as soon as the screen trys to load I get the bf3 exe not working.
Very pissed off with this now.
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2012-06-05 17:38 , edited 2012-06-05 17:40 by KiIIdozer
last Origin update has me stuck at joining server,
Did a OS reinstall--no change at all.
Nothing Premium about Origin
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2012-06-05 17:51
@AlanCJ oh i can join games but it randomly crashes during the game sorry I should of made that clearer
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2012-06-05 17:55
I solved the problem updating again the NVIDIA driver and Reseting my modem to factory settings. I have a DNS Malware haunting my ISP lately.

@IxxTroublexXI If you game randomly crashes during the game it is probably any firewall. Make ports forwarding on ur Modem and Router or Put both on Demilitarized Mode Zone. Cant help you on that tho, that depends on each modem/router. Make sure you also disable windows firewall and all other antivirus/firewall programs.
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2012-06-05 17:57
@GuiCwb cheers mate, ill look into it ;)
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2012-06-05 18:01
Same thing with me crashes but with no error report to be seen, the weird thing is always before it crashes i get this thing where it seems like my soldier is falling trough the ground. Worked fine before the patch.
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2012-06-05 18:04
@Enukonda yeah i get that, its bloody weird... used to get that crash but not so much now.
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2012-06-05 18:25
ive been having freezes and crashes all the time since i got the game. Have a 64bit windows 7 and a Nvidea card on a n alienware laptop. Now after the patch all i get is bf3 stopped working and cant get into any games.
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2012-06-06 14:06
Also having random crashes which I never had before this update. Game would run for hours on end without any problems. Also running the latest Nvidia drivers on Intel i7
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2012-06-06 14:15
I'm stuck on loading level, when I click on bf icon it goes to game but i can see black screen only, with sound of running game. Help! Before update it was running perfect.
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2012-06-06 17:07
I have the same problem. Why is it that whenever they patch the game, they just create more shitty problems? Well, at least in my case.
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2012-06-06 17:14
ever since i updated the game and got premium battlelog insists theirs a game update but in origin its all up to date so i cant even start trying to join servers
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2012-06-06 18:04 , edited 2012-06-06 18:05 by IronHawx
its crashed one time for me, after update, did os reinstall (needed a cleaning) reinstalled everything, and was wanting to check my fps b/c prior to the crashing after the patch game seemed to be lagging. Sure enough I'm getting avg of 35fps on ultra setting at 1920x1080, specs listed below, prior to patch was running 55-60fps avg, wth, even oc the card and don't seen any real increase in frames this game while I've enjoyed quite a bit seems to be falling apart.

Also noticed gpu is only being utilized like 50-60%

I7 2600 3.4
16gb ram
7950 (12.4 driver)
Win7 X64
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2012-06-06 23:54
Yeah, keeps "stopped working" for me too.
It happened after the update.

Win 7 x64 Utimate
Sapphire HD 7970 reference
Catalyst 12.6 beta driver and profiles
8GB G Skill 1600mhz RAM
I7 960 ( small OC to 3.5Ghz)
Thermaltake 850 watt PSU
Corsair H60 liquid cooler
i7 960@4.1ghz/12gb 1600mhz DDR3/XFX HD7970 Black Edition (Need a SSD NOW ACCEPTING DONATIONS LMAO!!)
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2012-06-13 03:22
I'm having the same issue-- "Battlefield 3 has stopped working..." and some crap about Windows trying to find a solution (it never does, obviously).

550 ti, everything updated.

Ran the repair thing in origin to search for files to repair. It went through 16GB and "updated" (I had literally just updated this evening, so unless there was another update-- I'm not sure what that was).

Anyone else running the Windows 8 Release Preview?
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2012-06-13 03:27
Same problem here. I've done everything suggested, and no luck. Ran fine before I bought premium, but the game doesn't even start now.
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