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Things I learnt from the CQ Strategy Guide

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2012-07-04 19:11
The strategy guide was as useless as an ashtray on a motorbike!! Oh well im still saving money
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2012-07-04 19:24
Really ? wow !!!
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2012-07-04 19:33
PeeShuter said:
It seems like an awesome guide. I should have bought premium just to get this.....

GB Enlisted: 2011-10-24
2012-07-04 19:44
Xjiks said:
The only thing that I didn't know was this:

(this is on the last page of the guide)

I don't know where we can check if we already made those "trophies" ?

You can't as you play on the PC and those are only on the consoles.
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2012-07-05 07:19
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2012-07-05 07:24
ITT: DICE trolling premium players. >:D
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2012-07-05 07:24
Health: By default, your health is at 100 percent.
But if you take damage, your health will drop. If it
reaches 0, you die.

Haven't they seen the BS kills when you shoot someone only for them to kill you and the kill feed shows them to be on 0% health
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2012-07-05 07:25
Premium glol.
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they should make a dinosaur survival strategy guide ;D []
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Ghostvenom said:
they should make a dinosaur survival strategy guide ;D []

Eventually u'll get your dinos.

COD has it's own zombie mode after all.
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2012-07-05 07:58
DCWarHound said:
/thinks the community needs to write it's own collective guide seeing how bad the original is.

The pics of the new map layouts is the only thing i liked.

Thanks to you kind sir, I am tempted to create my own Battlefield 3 guide that utilizes some info from the Prima one and LOTS of other crap that is crap but soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true. I will have a thread up with a link to it tomorrow or the next day.
Alright you guys let's do this, I'll sit back here as a Recon and watch you guys go capture A, then B, then C, then, oh crap, I'm not doing anything helpful now am I?
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2012-07-05 08:14
/Me find wallet to get this guide.
IL Enlisted: 2011-10-27
2012-07-05 08:41
WOW!!! this tip alone worth the price of enrolling to Premium!!! Awesome Dice!!!!
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2012-07-10 11:29
wow My 700 hours Played and I never knew That bullets Hurt the Enemy. Why didnt I ever think of that.

My Premium Wont Appear on Battlelog.
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2012-07-10 11:32
eTheBlack said:
LaxSagacity said:
In Team Deathmatch, scoring a kill earns your team a point. But
don’t get reckless. The opposing team gains a point every time
they kill you or a teammate.
Health: By default, your health is at 100 percent.
But if you take damage, your health will drop. If it
reaches 0, you die.


I think i'm now Pro.

Sometimes if you reach 0% you don't die, because in-game you have health 0.4% or so.
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