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Looking for BF3 PS3 clan from UK

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2012-08-14 14:39
Hey guys im looking for a clan as the topic says.

preferably from UK.

I am a BF3 Premium member and am pretty active. I'm a team player and i do heal and give ammo to my team mates unlike most of the people who play bf3.
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2012-08-14 14:40
sNs ("Soldiers Never Sleep") is still recruiting all types of recruits. Have a good ground game but don't like flying? We want you. Have no ground game but are a decent pilot and or MBT driver? We want you. sNs isn't about the stats, it's about the fun. If you play to have a good time and kick ass while doing it, we are the clan for you. sNs consists of team players only, rolling as a close-knit team on the battlefield and always playing the objective.

No tryouts here, though potential recruits, if accepted, go through a 1-2 week probation period where we get to know you and decide whether you're a good fit for the clan. Rules for joining include being 18 and over, and having a sense of humor. You must also be able to communicate effectively in the English language.

If you think sNs would be a good fit for you and your playstyle, apply to our platoon, and when ready visit []
to become a recruit. NOTE: Applying to our platoon here on battlelog does not make you an official member. You must sign up on our forums to go through the recruitment process. []

Thank you and good luck!(SiLeNt-ShoTz-76)PSN
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2012-08-14 14:42
We are an USA based clan but have member from all around the world including several from the UK. We are looking for new members to join the most popular servers and the most popular clan in BF3 on the PS3. We have 3 servers and over 90+ members. is the top server/clan on BF3 on the PS3. We have only a few requirements, be mature not a tard acting idiot, have or get a mic so you can hang out and talk with us, and get along with the members.

We do not require a certain amount of time in the game nor do we require you to play exclusively on our servers. We do not demand donation although they are nice when given, we simply want folks who are cool, easy to play with, and who like to squad up. Does not matter what skill level you are at, just come join us for some games. []

Dont sign up for the other clans as you will be disappointed, join the clan that is the easy going clan. Plus we have the hottest woman in BF3 who is single and looking.
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2012-08-14 14:54
yo evskiboy check out our clan just copy and paste this and it will bring you to our page. [] or click on my page and its areo total destruction the one with the army guys in the background. take 5 mins just to read our presentation to see if we suit your play style i think we will as we're great team players so apply to join if interested dude
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2012-08-14 14:58
Hay dude we're based in the UK we have alot of fun and we're recruiting now. You can join our boot camp to start out with before moving in with the main platoon Revolutionary Gaming, we all have mics, we all work as a team and we're always trying to please our members so join now and experiance some fun with us.

While we are a competitive Platoon also i've called off some matches due to the lack of players, we arent new to being a Clan we just changed the name and kicked unactive members.

Boot Camp []

Revolutionary Gaming []
Give me You tAgs
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If you are looking for a community and are aged 25 years and above then Senior Gamers may be the place for you, especially if you like playing other games as well as Battlefield 3.

See our thread forum thread for more details: [] []
Senior Gamers - a PlayStation community for mature, friendly and fun-loving gamers.
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2012-08-16 00:24
Hey I would love to talk to you about joining the crimson ravens if you have time and are interested. PSN is sephiroth70001 send me a request and we can talk over it. Website is if you are interested in checking it out before talking.
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2012-08-16 16:30
Check out our clan! Below I have included a copy of our recruitment post for you. Hope to hear from you soon.

Never Stand Alone - [] - is a fairly new clan (created a month ago) that is now recruiting members for all platforms of play - PS3, XBOX 360, and PC. Read below and check out our site or feel free to just check out our site. We are sure you will like what you see and who you meet.

A little about us:
We are an all-platform, multi-game clan. In general we stick mostly to FPS and MMORPG/RPG games (though we do still branch into other games as well). We are a gaming clan with a focus on having fun, meeting new people, and making new friends. Our main goal is to create a fun and entertaining environment for all members and guests. We will achieve this by not having a single leader, but rather a hierarchy of leaders who collaborate together and listen to the members on decisions big and small. Not only do the leaders get to make decisions, but as a member, you’re allowed to vote on some things too! We built this clan around the idea of a democracy, so we value input from all members. You can have a say in how we develop.

We have some additional things that other "platoons" here do not. We have a extensive website with a built in chat. We also have our own BF3 servers on all platforms and our own TS server.

Our Requirements:

-Out of game:
*Must be 17 years of age or older
*Must register for our forum
*Must have a working mic AND/OR be able to use Teamspeak 3 while playing with fellow members
*Must speak English (we are open to members from anywhere in the world)
*Must remain at least somewhat active (both in forums and in game) - for the forums this does not mean that you HAVE TO post frequently (though that is nice), just log in and check up on events and communicate with other members once and a while.

-In Game:
*Must apply our clan tag
*Again, must be able to communicate via either a mic (for PS3 or XBOX) or Teamspeak 3 (for PS3, XBOX, or PC)
* ^ That is it, we do not have any other requirements for in game play (we do not require any minimum stats or anything along that line)

Questions you may have:

Q: Hardcore versus Casual gaming?
A: We have a mixture of members who enjoy each. We like to have fun, but we also plan to set up scrims with other clans in the near future/once we get an acceptable member base. That being said, they would be in no way required for you to participate - if you want to join then you are welcome to, if not then that is fine too. Basically, there will be a "sign up" for those events. Also, we do set up "intra-clan" events as well where we both practice and have fun doing things like Hide and Seek, Zombies, and other "custom" game modes that we have created.

Q: Military Simulation versus Casual Play?
A: Again, we have a mixture of each. The majority of us would be classified as Casual to moderately competitive, but we also have some members that would like to play in a more militaristic way. We are open to members who prefer either/anything in between.

Q: Is there a hosted server?
A: Currently we have a server for BF3 on PC, PS3, and XBOX. We do hope to expand this as we gain more members. We also have a Teamspeak 3 server for our members to use.

Q: Does this clan participate in scrimmages?
A: Currently, no as we do not have the member base to be comfortable setting up scrims. That being said we are vary close to being at that point and plan to start setting them up in the near future as we gain more members.

Q: What is the power structure like, who is responsible for giving orders, taking orders?
A: When you apply on our forum you start as a Rookie. You remain in that position for approximately 2 weeks, during which we ask that you actively play with members. This is, in essence your trial period with the clan. We don't judge you on how well or poorly you play the game, but rather on your maturity and how well we get along with you/how well you get along with others. At the end of your two weeks everybody who is a member gets the opportunity to vote on whether you become a member or not. Beyond that our structure is the following Rookie>Member>Advisor>Leader. We also currently have sub-classes for the Member and Advisor group of Donator and Donator Plus (which have special privileges), both of which are detailed on our forum. Beyond that we don't really do the whole "this person gives orders all the time, every time" thing while playing in games, as we like to adapt and let each person have their time as the "squad leader" - some people are natural at it and some people avoid it.

Q: How many members does your clan have?
A: Currently we have over 30 active members across the platforms (PS3, XBOX, PC). But we hope to expand that on all of the platforms.

Q: What is this clan looking for in its members?
A: Basically, all we are looking for are players who like to have fun, but can be serious when needed.

Q: Is there a minimum activity level or skill level?
A: There is no minimum skill level and we do not judge you on how well you play (though that does not mean we won't give you a hard time once and a while for having a bad round). We do ask that you try to be at least somewhat active both in game and on the forums. We understand life gets in the way sometimes and as our age requirement is 17 or older the majority of us have full time college courses, work, or both.

Q: Am I allowed to join other platoons as well?
A: This one is a tricky one. Are you allowed to double clan? NO. While we will not "ban" you for being in another clan (unless we suspect a reason where we would need to), you would not be allowed to remain a member in our clan if you join another. That being said you are able to join other platoons as long as they are "personal" platoons - for example you can join a platoon whose members are all friends that you have in real life (as the platoon makes it easier for you all to join each other in games and communicate with each other).

Q: Can I leave and rejoin?
A: As we do not have a strict activity level policy there is really no reason that you would need to leave and rejoin. But that being said if you do need to leave, we will welcome you back if you decide you want to rejoin (as long as you leave on good terms). If the situation arises that you need to leave, please contact a leader and/or advisor on our forums.

If you have any other questions or want to apply for our clan, check out our forum at []
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2012-08-16 16:30
We're a Dutch clan, but as English(Speaking) you can join!
We have our own website: and you can find our Battlelog link on a button on the right of the homepage.
We need active members who are daily on Battlelog and PlayStation!
Thank you, our clan leader is: remcoklink

~ProKillStealers Battlelog Team~ snel243 []

~ProKillStealers Team~
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