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Best sniper maps

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2012-08-23 11:00
Hi my what are the best sniper maps ?? and how many points can I get in a game with 1500 tickets ??
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2012-08-23 11:10
This are the Maps that I like the most for sniping.

Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm, Kharg Island, Gulf of Oman

And how many Points you get is always up to you.
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Tehran Highway (Conquest, Rush). Strike at Karkand (Conquest, Rush). Grand Bazaar (Conquest, Rush).

Just please, don't go for super long ranges, as you're not helping your team that way. Anything until 500m-600m is I think helpful for your team. My recommendation is M98B (8x, even tho I usually go with 12x). I'm not very experienced with recon class, but I've got those tips from Ahri ( Ahri_Foxfire battlelog nick). Add him to your friendslist, he will surely help you.
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it's all down to knowledge, skill and luck

hands down metro-hardcore is THE best sniping map

however you have good and bad days, i try my best to keep my k/d above 2.0 (say i'm sad if you will) and i've gone 20-30 one match and 100-20 the next

don't sit out nowhere trying to get super awesome long range kills you're a burden to your team instead go up close and personal and if some guy comes around the corner try o "quick scope" them (i personally use a 4X scope) and 50% of the time i survive the encounter where as switching to a pistol takes much to long and i often die

learn the best places to place your tugs and spawn beacon so that it picks up enemies IN the combat zone but also any possible flanking routes for example between the machine things just behind flag B is an exelent place for the tugs and on the right hand side (green store area) there's some breakable glass which has nothing but a ledge behnd it, place a spawn beacon there

but most of all DO NOT place your shit in the middle of the floor or it will be destroyed instantly so at least try stick it in a corner somewhere

EDIT: once youu have unlocked stuff the best sniper rifle for short-medium range is the JNG 90 then the l96, people say m98b but that's best at long ranges and compared to the others it's a load of shit (ages to reload, small clip and just ugly)
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2012-08-23 11:36
Caspian Border - Tower and rocks. (This tower is the best and most obvious sniper place on BF3)
Operation Fire Storm - Mountains, tower, cranes and silos.
Kharg Island - Tower, mountains ans silos.
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2012-08-23 14:12
Noshahr Canals 64 players TDM


Ziba Tower 64 HC TDM
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2012-08-23 14:17
any map besides tehran.
if you play aggressive you can get alot of points... more than an engineer player would.
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2012-08-23 14:59
Kharg Island, Operation Firestorm, Caspian Border, Sharqui Peninsula, Gulf of Oman, Noshaar Canals.

Gulf of Oman probably being the best of the lot!
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2013-05-02 01:50
I play Gulf of Oman to snipe. I'll get a semi-automatic sniper rifle and guard D flag in conquest.
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2013-05-02 03:59
It depends on how you want to play the sniper: Sit back and camp vs aggressive. Kharg, Caspian, Firestorm, and Oman (there are literally always snipers in this map shooting from the hotel the building at E or one of the cranes) are good for your camping sniper or medium aggressive sniper (example: If my team is moving tanks and LAV to a base i like to scout ahead to spot and take out engineers and support who could explode my team's vehicles). If you want to play heavily aggressive you could always play a cq map like Metro and use a semi auto like the M417 or the SKS and rack up the kills. I went 40-1 once with just an sks on Metro and i'm not that great so it is possible to pwn with a sniper rifle. Or you could totally puss out and play TDM at the canals like every other person...

For points...on huge open maps whip out that SOFLAM and HOPE the morons on your team actually use it (i've recently found that on CTF matches people actually utilize SOFLAM). On metro, TUGS in high traffic areas will get you points and a spawn beacon can get you points because your teammates will spawn on it again and again if it's out of the way and in a safe position so they can spawn and not get shot instantly.
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2013-06-01 22:01
I've tried Kharg Island, it's nice to Recon, but I did best in Grand Bazaar.
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2013-06-04 17:29
The best map for recon class

for agressive reco: metro, bazar , noshar canal , teheran and play with das

for 50M-100m: rush damavand peak and play with das

for 300-500m :sharqi , strike at karkand , caspian border, operation firestorm , alborz montain and play with soflam

for 1000m : gulf of oman, operation firestorm , Wake island, Kharg island

for 2000m: desert bandar or operation firestorm
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Personally, I love:
Kharg island,
tehran highway,
any of the end game maps,
sharqi peninsula,
azadi palace,
noshahr canals (not TDM!),
damavand peak (rush),

I find all of these maps amazing for sniping. I'm not into camping on buildings. I would personally recommend the M98B with x8 scope/ straight pull bolt/ laser sight because it is the easiest sniper rifle to get one hit kills with.
(I use the L96 because I like the fact that it seems to fill every role rather than excelling in one aspect).

Don't forget about your pistol! Any recon worth his space in the server will probably have a similar amount of overall pistol kills as sniper rifle kills. People underestimate the power of a pistol such as the M1911 at close range and this can lead to plenty of kills. Personally, I use the M1911 with suppressor because I like flanking and there is nothing worse to a flanking recon than a massive orange triangle on the map telling everyone that you're behind them. If you can successfully provide a beacon behind the enemy for your squad, it could stop a push before it even happens.

Another tip: If you find that you can't snipe one day (I sometimes have days when I just simply can't aim well), try equipping a suppressor on the sniper rifle. It may sound a bit odd but it works for me!

Also, shoot enemy AT mines with your rifle when an enemy vehicle is on top of it and prepare for the hackusations XD.
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2016-02-16 18:49
thanks for the maps
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