Constant lag issues in-game

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2013-07-17 03:52
During the past few months I've been getting tons of lag in-game. When I have just 14 ping I get lag too so it's not my connection it's the game. Not everyone has this problem so there should be a fix! It's been making me so ticked!!!!! Here's some examples of lag: 5 feet away from a player and I start rubberbanding, get shot start rubberbanding, random lag of the feeling that you're being pulled back while running or turning. On the last one I don't know really how to explain it but if you've ever felt it you'd know what I mean.

If anyone has a fix for this I'd greatly appreciate it! I've been told it's how the game is optimized but the thing that gets me is that there was never lag like this before all the retarded nerfs for random guns (the USAS needed it though). But what really doesn't make sense is how certain people don't have this problem! Anyways thanks for the help if you can give any. I'll check my post to see if I get replies.

P.S. I get around 30-40 mb/s.
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2013-07-17 18:49
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2013-07-18 02:42
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2013-07-29 14:11
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2013-08-02 18:33
nope, but I will say we are all getting it, and it seems to be bad luck when it hits. Also ,have you notice that even with squad sprint you seem to be moving slower?
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2013-08-02 22:22
Yeah, this game is broken... We'll have to wait for BF4 to come out to get better connections.
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2013-08-02 23:53
I play on mostly Chicago servers and have the same issue as you. My ping is 10 and have a nice rig and rubberband like crazy every now and then. Nothing can be done on our end, blame DICE.
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2013-08-03 02:08
I'd been getting an almost perfect connection on my clan's server up until about five days ago, when the lag increased incrementally, and then exponentially to the point where I can barely move for connection issues. My connection speed is not great, but there's been no real change in it over the past week, and certainly not enough to cause the extensive problems I see in-game.

What gives, DICE?
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2013-08-03 05:32
liar, lag doesn't exist in battlefield 3

it has dedicated servers.
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2013-08-04 00:20
First of LUL @Battle-Bullet and ok well yeah it is DICE's fault like I said before because of patches and crap plus then it's EA's fault too because I notice their servers are crashing all the time because they can't handle all the people which is really pathetic when you think about it....
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2013-08-05 16:21 , edited 2013-08-05 17:07 by IRiseAndYouFall
Everyone with a very good internet connection (50MBPS+) has some problems with the servers. I have a constant ping of 18MS , still having those Rubber Banding hick-ups for a milisecond while running,driving etc. Sometimes it is gone for a day or midday but mostly in the evening it starts again. Seems the servers cannot handle so much traffic during vacation or well it is just EA fucking up with their last patch for PS3 users. TBH after that the issues started. [] []
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2013-08-05 17:37
I've found now that the Brazil servers work well for me but I'm american so that could be differen't for other countries...
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