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[PC] =7Cav= Tactical Realism Clan is Recruiting

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Included in this video are a random selection of Operation Videos to show you what we train every week for!

The 7th Cavalry is recruiting!
Only requirements are a mic, TS3, and the time and dedication to be in one of the top Tactical Realism Clans in the world! []

Recruiters are standing by!

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2012-09-23 22:19
Great group focussing on tactical gameplay!
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2012-09-23 22:31
Great group of guys. Lots of Tactical Operations planned. Alot of Courses. Come Check us out!!!!!!!!!!
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Over 300 strong, been around for 10 years and keeps at being the premium Tactical clan in the community. You will be trained weekly by professionals (many of them actual veteran or active duty US or foreign military personnel!), you will participate in large scale Operations, you will have a huge and well adminned BF3 public access server at your disposal (and many more in ARMA2, COD4, COD5, COD7!), along with dedicated restricted access training servers for those games. You will gain real-world relevant administrative, interpersonal and leadership skills plus extensive military knowledge and know-how. But first and foremost, you will find yourself immersed in a Brotherhood of like-minded individuals, a network of support extending intp all aspects of our lives, available to all who bleed Yellow and Black.

My name is Bartosz Chilicki, I'm a 30-year old translation and editing professional from Poland. I have been in the 7th Cavalry Regiment for over 3 years now, currently in the rank of Captain and billet of Company Commmader (Echo Coy, 1st Batt - the Engineers / Artillery detachment of the ARMA2 Battalion) and were I to go back in time, I would not hesitate doing it again. Best time of my life and expect to be here for many more years to come.
Major Bartosz Chilicki Commanding Officer Bravo Company 1-7 7th Cavalry Regiment
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2012-09-23 22:39
Great group, great game play, great people.

Joining the "Cav" is something that you will not regret... I know I haven't.
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2012-09-24 01:54
Over 300 members across a variety of tactical games..

I definitely recommend joining, I've had some amazing opportunities here and met some excellent gentlemen.

PSG 1/B/1-7
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2012-09-24 09:22
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2012-09-24 10:58
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Free Bump. Take a look below guys and see if this would be of interest to. We are not a clan, we are a tournament and we are not seeking to steal members of your clan, we are just offering you all a place to play large scale battles they way it should be played in a competitive and fun setting.

21st Century Warfare [](21CW) is an organized and structured Online PC Tournament that involves 3 armies. The World Syndicate, The European Alliance and The North American Pact.

Every Saturday 2 of the armies will fight a 30 v 30 10 hour battle the winner of which will be awarded a sector of the designated map. The army with the most sectors at the end of the campaign is declared victorious.

Each army has its own chain of command and is divided into infantry, armor and air force divisions (you can choose which division you want like to be involved in). During the week in preparation for battle day each army conducts its own training, where you will learn and practice the strategies decided upon by your respective General and HCO’s.

21CW provides private practice and battle servers, a private TeamSpeak server, and each army is provided their own private forums on the site.

21CW has currently over 300 active members from all over the world and welcomes everyone from individuals to full clans the opportunity to experience Battlefield 3 the way it is meant to be played.

For more information please visit [] or contact BanJaxGav []on Battlelog []
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2012-09-24 23:48
Experience what Realism is all about, and become the newest member of a Strong Brotherhood of Gamers, Experience it, Live it...
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2012-09-26 12:36
Might wanna check out our server this friday as demo's will be held!
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2012-09-30 18:17
Don't join them, they are an fake unit and trying to use our tags. This 7th Cavalry kicked out the true leader and trying to get recruits on OUR NAME.

Sad story but true!

Calling out the real Brotherhood of Yellow/Black!
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2012-10-01 10:11
Thanks for the free Bump
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2012-10-01 15:51
No problem,
New unit to be opening on October 15, 2012.

This is to inform you all that the ORIGINAL Cavalry will be reopening its door on the 15th of October. My 10 year anniversary of starting the disgrace that is still up and running and known as the 7th Cavalry Regiment. This new unit will officially open its doors for recruiting on 15th of October.
IF you know anyone looking for a TRUE BROTHERHOOD, and a REAL military realism unit not the travesties that are out there now, please have them come see me. As stated previously, positions are being filled. So let me know what you are interested in, and what games. Officially we will be playing Cod 4 and Arma2 to start. More games will come online down the road. Ideas are welcome and initiative, dedication, and commitment will be rewarded.
So lets get this party started!
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2012-10-02 09:03
As I have reported your spam, I'll kindly ask you not to post on this thread, please.

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2012-10-02 09:56
You already posted in my thread, so I thought I'd do the same in yours ;)

The video was really good and I like your way of playing in a team. I still have some questions though:

1. What do you mean with your tactical realism? I didn't completely get that.
2. Do you mostly play Hardcore- or Normal Mode?
3. What do you mean with "Training" for the members?

I am interested in joining you, if I can, so it would be nice if you answered these questions.

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2012-10-02 13:20
Sure! Here goes:

1) Tactical realism is a very tricky idea to put into words, but it essentially means that we use tactics used by the US Army and other branches when we play, both in training and in competitive matches. We think (and has since been proven time and time again when we compete) that this gives us an edge. Train hard, play hard.

2) Our server is set exclusively to hardcore, to get rid of the 360 spotting dot that appears (completely unrealistic) and for the increased bullet damage (more realistic), among other factors.

3) We have trainings once a week for all our members throughout the entire organization, during which we refine our skills and sometimes learn new ones. On top of this we have optional trainings where members can get advanced tactical training, demolitions and explosives training, MOS specific training, and the like.

If you have any more questions, add me on b-log or find me on teamspeak, the name is the same through both channels.

SGT Ken Bowmore
Drill Instructor, Recruit Training Command
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Hm, that's too bad. I don't really like playing hardcore...

But I'll try out a few rounds to see if I could get it to like^^
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2013-02-23 19:25
Is there still room to join?
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2013-02-28 21:36
Bringerofwar said:
Is there still room to join?

Always. Get on ts tonight for your briefing.
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