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Overall community feedback by theDokt0r for DICE

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theDokt0r said:
This thread serves the purpose of only collecting feedback, on how to improve the game. Feedback for Battlefield 4 and 3
1. Commander (That is a must in the next game with everything that the commander from BF2 had, so UAV, Supplies, Scan, Artillery and maybe something more).
2. 5or 6 man squads,
3. Make an option in-game to custom name your squad,
4. Make the game server sided (no more killed behind a wall and other lag client sided related problems),It will stay clean sided but with a much improved netcode.
5. General ranks for BF3 with requirements in time and a high number of points. (This will make a difference between casual and veteran players),
6. Implement the traditional ranking system from Battlefield 2 [] in Battlefield 4 (except the requirement to be in the top 50 for the 4th service star).
7. Destructibleand repairable bridges Destruction confirmed in Paracel storm.
8. Commo rose with text feed (preferably the same as from BF2),
9. Make at least 12 missions for CO-OP and also from 2-6 players for CO-OP.
10. Squad leader giving tactical orders on any part of the map like in BF2/2142,
11. In-game VOiP,
12. Ability for soldiers to swim underwater,
13. Add a Skirmish mod (multiplayer maps with bots),There will be a tutorial mode in Battlefield 4, where the player can practise everything before playing MP.
14. Limited ammo for vehicles. (This is crucial to prevent basereaping),Ammo will be limited with a slow reloading timer.
15. Choppers and jets rearming and repairing at when flying over airstrip/landing-pad, tanks and other vehicles rearming when entering main base and on supply drops),
16. Limited number of magazines for soldiers (when reloading soldier is spending magazines not bullets),Confirmed for Hardcore mod, hopefully will be in Normal mode as well.
17. Snipers scope reflections needs to be removed (or at-least inside buildings and on night maps),
18. Double the Altitude limit for jets and choppers, (the way it is now, choppers are 2 close to the ground and can easily be taken down by AA and Stingers),
19. LAN support (so that people can have LAN party`s)
20. Reduce the Sun glare(BC2 style was perfect),
21. Reduce or make an option to turn off the Color Filter in vanilla and B2K maps (its just a simple click of a button for you guys to do this and it means a lot for the community).
22. More soldier skins (at least 4 skins per class),
23. Spectator mode, (That would make the job of an admin much easier and also would help with e-sports),
24. Make Russians also attackers on some Rush maps- answered by Gustav []
25. Add a night mod for every map, so that every map can be day or night, add an option in Battlelog so that people can choose between night and day for every map, (simply add a moon on every map, turn some lamp posts ON and that`s it), also make some kind of illuminating flares that would light up the Battlefield on those night maps,
26. Remove the 3D spotting for PC,
27. Add lights on vehicles that can be turned OFF and ON,
28. Dynamical weather system (either the weather to change in a match or an option for the admin to set weather conditions before the round starts),
29. Reduce the requirements for the M:COM Defend Medal,
30. Make a ``Transport medal`` with requirements of some transport kill assist value,
31. Give the defibrillators a cool down between each revive, until it can be used again (2-3 seconds) currently there is the animation but no matter what the soldier in the animation is doing you can revive fallen teammates),
32. Make faction only weapons when playing (Russians can only choose their weapons and those produced in the former Warsaw Pact [] countries in the world, Americans should use weapons produced in US and other NATO countries [],
33. Give official EA/DICE servers for the not so popular game modes like SQ RUSH AK,Confirmed in the livestream that there will be more DICE servers for less popular game modes.
34. Move the Flag capturing indicator from the Center of the HUD to the side,
35. Make the suppression effect to only affect you`re soldier not the bullet spread or remove suppression completely,
36. Add all the camouflages that soldiers have to weapons,
37. Add a classic preset for Battlelog and Procon/Rcon like this one: []
38. More different vehicles from the group like MTB, attack choppers. (in BF Vietnam 2004 you had 4 types of choppers for the US team: AH-1G_HueyCobra [], UH-1 Huey Gunship and Transport chopper [], ACH-47_Chinook [].
39. Two seated bomber jets, Battlefield 2 had F-15 Strike Eagle for US [], SU-30 for China [], SU-34 Flanker (MEC team) [],
40. Make Russians speak Russian, not English (check the video from 3:00 [] ),
41. Stamina meter that limits sprint and jumping (was in BF2-BF2142),
42. Remove the Spawn Protection when getting revived and when spawning on Squad members (keep the protection when spawning on the flags).
43. Add some notification when using the "Need backup" shout, like a flashing icon on the minimap.
44. Pistol customization.

Bugs to be fixed:
1. Fix bug where ammo and medic bags destroy walls (drop 4-5 medic or ammo bags at any wall and it will get destroyed),
2. Fix bug where AC-130 gets destroyed after colliding with MAV,
3. Fix in-game stats for pistols, rockets and some vehicles (they are not showing as on Battlelog (vehicles) or are not showing at all (pistols and rockets).
4. Hand not holding the gun when equipping AEK-971 with M320 and the sign does not collapse after the building does in Karkand and other B2K maps. []
5. Vehicle load-out resetting bug and weapons camouflage resetting bug. (started happening after the latest Server patch)

Battlelog related:
1. Make Social Platoons (so that everyone can join not just those from the same platform),
2. Make Battlefield 4 a non Battlelog and Origin related game (in terms of starting the game), use Battlelog only as a social and stats gathering platform for users,
3. Some users have reported problems with their premium assignments not updating,
4. Update the Poll in the lower right corner of Battlelog more frequently,
5. In the news section make an option to see all the News in a list that were posted since day 1,
6. Fix the CO-OP dog tags,
7. In the awards section make an option when you click on the award that it zooms in so you can take a closer look at the award (this way its to small to see the award in detail, also the number that indicates how much time you got it is blocking the view,
8. Increase the friends limit to 150 or 200,
9. Option to cancel sent platoon invitations and sent friend requests.(For the person that sent the requests),
10. Classical preset on Battlelog (balance between Hardcore and Normal).
11. Option to search for Custom preset servers.

Map ideas:

-Every map needs to have an option to be a day or night map, that will surely make Battlefield 4 unique.

There should also be a map for every type of terrain (desert, snow, jungle, urban, swamp, mountain). And all of the maps need to be huge, I am talking huge like in BF2 and Battlefield Vietnam with rivers, jungles, bridges, villages, small towns.

The city maps need to be at least triple the size of Seine Crossing, with not just narrow streets but with squares and building that are totally open (all Floors and Rooms). Destruction of some high buildings also needs to be possible.

Also an option to control weather conditions on a map would be awesome (turning rain ON or Off, sand storms on desert maps, Strong wind, snow).

There should be at-least 1 huge Jungle map with bushes, swamps, rivers, small villages, hills, dirt roads.

New Video from Phyrefli: []

-New document that contains community feedback that was gathered for BF4: []

-Phyrefli`s video: []

GamerSpawn feedback for Battlefield 3: []

This thread, contains all the important community feedback that was accumulated since the game was released and only servers for collecting feedback on how to improve the current or future games. Don`t get us wrong, this game is great but there are so many possibilities that if used could make this game from awesome to perfection. Do not post anything except feedback in this thread.
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That list should have included "have servers that dont crash for the first 4 months at the BF4 retail launch" and maybe it wouldnt be dead and i wouldnt be trying to play bf3 now which is also dead.
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This is what happens when BF series want to mix CoD with Battlefield. When will they learn it doesnt work but get advocate to jump ship and ppl going back to CoD.
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So the deal with MBT LAW. First of all it's an complete aimbot weapon. You can just camp somewhere thousand kilometers away from enemy vehicles and spray it approximately somewhere around tanks and it hits everytime. You don't even have to aim really. And it also can lock on to laser painted targets. And what is this from BF wiki, 'The MBT LAW also has one plus side, it will ignore the Active Protection, unlike other missiles and rockets in the game.'
Like it wasn't op already.

How about instead of having an one-size-fits-all-aimbot-rootytootypointandshooty, remove that laser lock-on ability that it actually doesn't have and make Javelin an actual fire and forget weapon like it is supposed to be.

And, 'The MBT LAW also has one plus side, it will ignore the Active Protection, unlike other missiles and rockets in the game.'
C'mon, what were they thinking?

Just an observation.
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BF3 is done better move to BF4 where hardline fail so they have to go back to support it
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BF3 is the best battlefield
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bf2 is the best
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Nice name and shame.

Just a shame you are now unable to post for 24 hours.

Do not name and shame!


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