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-Team Fatality- BF4 Xbox 360. Now recruiting!!

US Enlisted: 2012-06-02
2013-09-03 20:02 , edited 2013-09-03 20:05 by DynamicZonda
Hey guys welcome to the new thread for the new clan on xbox 360 in BF4! This clan is named -Team Fatality- and we are currently accepting members to join an xbox 360 BF4 competative clan! Let me tell you more about us!

1. -Team Fatality- MUST be your main BF4 clan!
2. When the time comes TF clan tags MUST be worn at all times to show respect towards the clan!
3. When wanting to join the team you will be tried out in BF4!
4. We are based off a military ranking system and you will start off as a Private when you first join.
5. You MUST have a mic (Knects will NOT be tolerated) Accpetions may be made.
6. How to get ranked up? Do good in clan matches!
7. More info will be released when BF4 Beta Arrives!
8. If wanting to join now all these rules above take effect when BF4 beta arrives!
10. Enjoy the clan and respect all co-leaders and leader!
11. Members: Me(Clan Leader, Rank General) Obey & Shock(co leaders, Ranks Colonel) xMrReapzzx(Average Soldier, Rank SGT Major)
13. Prefer if you have BF4 Premium.
***What you receive when you join!***
1. Custom GFX Graphics for battlelog with your name!
2. The ability to play and become friends with pro BF3 players!
3. The ability to play in clan matches and get ranked up!
4. Finally to enjoy the clan and have to most fun and exciting time on Battlefield 4 and be good at it!

Looking for mature BF3 players msg me on xbox GT: My Deadly Smile and add me on battlelog: zzNITROUSzz

Thanks so much any questions contact me!