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Update 11/14/2013 Battlefield 4

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2013-11-15 01:58
Hello everyone.

I'm having a issue with the Battlefield 4 recent update, that i can't open the game.
It shows me an new window of the "ActivationUI.exe". And on the window it says:

"It was not possible to locate entry point of procedure (_SARecvFrom) on the library of dynamic link (WS2_32.dll)"

To me it looks like an error on the update, as the instalation goes on the Origin enviroment.
Then i tried to contact the EA help in chat, and Karen Joy who answer my chat invitation, told me to press the right mouse button, and "Installation Repair" on the image of the game at Origin enviroment.
It did it, but close to the finishing process of Intallation Repair, the Origin give me an new window with this message:

"An unexpected error occurred. Try again later.
Error: 131091:8"

Before she indicated me to do the Installation Repair, she told me to make an System Repair, as an second attemp to repair the issue, but making an system repair will not end the UPDATE problem.
Hope you guys from EA solve this problem, that i think a lot of people is facing it.
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2013-11-15 02:00
Several thousand have performed the update with no issue. Why don't you try the repair install again?
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2013-11-15 02:04
This thread may assist: []

I would suggest you copy your bf4 folder to a different location. Uninstall then reinstall the game. Whilst reinstalling, copy over your bf4 folder to \Origin Games.
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