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Where are DOUBLE XP severs in 2016??

Enlisted: 2012-12-23
2016-01-03 03:26
I played in 2XP sever on 2015 .
That is very exciting , but little laggy .
That sever in EU only .There are no 2XP sever in WestUS, ASIA, and etc...
I wloud like DICE to make double xp severs not only EU , please ?

I love BF3 .xD
US Enlisted: 2012-09-07
2016-01-03 03:52
I don't think you played double xp in 2015
CA Enlisted: 2011-11-08
2016-01-03 06:09
only ps3 users did.

i might get barned for mentioning it.
freedom of speech does not apply here.
Enlisted: 2012-12-23
2016-01-03 06:32
Yes , I'm PS3 users.
I din't know that was for PS3 users only .
SG Enlisted: 2014-05-31
2016-06-14 02:14
2XP is active now in BF3! Might be because of the BF1 event.
Happy farming!
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Thread is locked.