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Battlefield 4 x64 vs x86

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2013-10-31 15:30
Is there any noticeable difference in performance between the two?
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2013-10-31 15:33
Also want to know this.

Also, if i start the game via Origin, will it choose x64 or x86 ? Is there anyway to choose what file the launcher will use? thanks all
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2013-10-31 15:33
Look here. []
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2013-10-31 15:34 , edited 2013-10-31 15:36 by neolithe
Go to library, mouse over BF4, click the title, on the right side you'll see launch options and edit. Click edit, use drop down.

I think there is more to x64 than just ram limitations but I don't really remember much about the differences. If ram is the only thing then either would work as the game doesn't really take more than 2gb.
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2013-10-31 15:36
Why would anybody choose to run a 32bit version if the have a 64bit OS?
The 32bit build is just included to support those who are still running 32bit windows
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2013-10-31 15:37
I also want to know why there are 2 icons when im running on 64bit os ... the hell is there a 32 bit icon there ???????????
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2013-12-29 04:17
yea i have both BF4 standard and 64 bit
should i use the 64 bit version
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2014-01-05 11:54
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